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  1. Signatures

    Thats alot better . Maybe my fault but what i was getting at in the other post was making the background darker and the foreground lighter . how to put it hmmm make it more forboding and gothic. Leave mine till last .do the others you need to do and just play around with mine when you have the time (and i know its a pain to find any decent pictures of knightly orders )
  2. Signatures

    When you got the time could you plz modify my siggy you made for me (its a bit erm Red) maybe make the background darker and change the letter font . have a play around and do what you think best. Thanx
  3. Newbie summoning!

    Might work if instead of summoning a newbie u summoned a doppleganger of yourself (with half the stats of the caster ie: a/d and material points)but then you would need to put some kind of restrictions on it example: human nexus : 3 items Req: 10 bones 10meat 2magic ess magic nexus : 2 sum nexus : 4 Does not attack others players characters only monsters (including in PK) dont want some Uber warrior walking a round in PK with a mini me Uber warrior
  4. Signatures

    There might be an easier way Red but this is how i do it: Right click on the siggy and add to favourites.Then just right down the URL of the image and type that into the box for the URL on your signature settings If there is a better way im sure someone will tell you
  5. Autoinvasion improvement

    I think the system if fine as it is. Fair Enough im no where near good enough to take on a Chim but that doesnt stop me goin to the invasion if im on C1.Yep a Chim takes one bite of me and im pushing up daisys but doesnt stop me going ( nxt time it might be something i can kill.).A lot of the fun,well for me anyway is not knowing whats going to come out the cave mouth ( and im blonde but not stupid enough to wear anything im worried about losing). Last 3 invasions of been to i have been killed by arctic Chims but thats not a problem .if i was worried about dying i wouldnt have gone and also gives me a goal "DAMN CHIMS ONE DAY I WILL HAVE PAYBACK" lol Be nice to see a lot more variation though . wether it be an invasion of Trolls or hobgoblins or even just gargs . One thing i would like to see is more invasions that require strategy or tactics: Lets take my friends the chims for example:Maybe they didnt just wander to the caves by chance, maybe there are a giants pets and there giant handler is with them and they keep spawing into the caves until the giant is killed .All of us cannon(chim)fodder can try and draw of the chims while the fighters try and find and take out the giant ,at which point when he is killed all the chims run off . end of invasion. Very very basic strategy concept but hope you get the idea. To me though system is fine . I will keep going and keep getting killed untill im good enough not to die (or hide behind atlantis )
  6. SignatureS

    Colour(s): Black /Silver or what ever suits the Image (you know best) Image: Knight Hospitaler Text: Conovar (Colour:red is possible) Style: As yours or Knights siggy Thanx. If you want paying shoq post a price here and i will see you ingame
  7. God reset

    I think if you take the godless perk it resets your standing with the gods to zero but then you cant worship anymore gods unless you totally reset As Aislinn says forget that .just an option you can take (but stops you worshiping gods in the future without a full reset. so proberly bad idea )
  8. Signatures

    If you like doing them shoq and you got the time. Knight made me a good one with a Knight Templar .Can you do with with a Knight Hospitaler (if not its fine)
  9. Signatures

    Must admit shoqs is very good but yours are not what any one could called bad. Be nice to see some of yours when you have got the hang of it
  10. Signatures

    Lol Knight if you call them bland hate to see a good one. they are very good
  11. Signatures

    Thanx alot Knight
  12. Signatures

    Some Very cool work Knight If you get the time (no rush ) could you make me one in the style of a knight Templar (use your imagination) Thanx if you dont have the time then no worrys
  13. However, if you do have a business, then things are a 'little' bit more complicated, to the point that last year we had to have our taxes done by a professional (you can do it yourself, but a professional can give you better advice, find more deductions, etc.) That is true ,professionals know more loop holes and can save you more money in deductions than you ever could as an individual,which hopefully works out enough to offset the cost of hiring them ,unless you are lucky enough to know someone in the business who does it for free.
  14. animals

    Lol hunt sabatour Des well done i must agree im totally against fox hunting but saying that my girlfriend hunts wild rabbits with her hawks and i find that acceptable because its what happens in nature (if they wernt captive the hawks would still hunt the rabbit) where as fox hunting is just a past time cant even be a called a sport to be honest. I would like to see hunters hunt properly one on one no guns no dogs no horses ,can you see a deer hunter trying to take down a full grown stag with his bare hands (i know who would win and my moneys on the stag) if ppl want to hunt fine but do it on the animals terms then you can truly call yourself a hunter . As for Zoos tricky question most Zoos exploit animals for the public its how they get the money to fund breeding programs.What is best a bear in a zoo being exploited to fund its breeding program or the bears being extinct ? In some case i think its the lesser of the two evils and the pros far out way the cons
  15. Yes, in theory any profit you make, including selling your car, winning the lottery, winning some prize froma TV game (some guy went to jail because he didn't declare that), and so on. Of course, most of the people won't declare every single little thing, but if you have an electronic trail, like we and many other business have, then you pretty much have to declare everything. Stores and other business that deal with a lot of cash have the luxury to 'forget' about some income. But since we get very little cash compared to electronic payments, we just declare the cash too, because it won't make a big difference anyway. I can totally understand your dilema and some ppls worry then .you obviously have a goverment who taxes every cent they can. Am i right in thinking every citizen of the USA has to do/work out there own taxes per year and declare every cent they have earned ? because here the tax on are earnings comes out of our wages before we even get it (unless you are self employed and then you have to fill in your own tax form once per year). If that is the case then i can still see EL itself as a business not having to much to worry about above and beyond what you pay now in taxes. But I think what they will try to get is individuals to declare any RL money they have made through online games ( ie: a player selling COLs for RL cash) and then Tax them on that . Harsh but i can see it happening ,because games like second life have made it possible for ppl to make quite a bit of RL money from playing online and if they tax one persons online game earnings then they have to tax the lot. Dont think it has anything to do with taxing online gold coins/or items untill that gold/item is transferred into RL cash but hey i might be wrong goverments have very funny ideas and grab money where they can . Edit : Must say you have my sympathy .We complain about taxes here in the UK but they dont seem half as draconian as yours
  16. Any profit ?? say from the sale of your car privately ? or is that exempt from taxes .if not then they got you by the balls to be honest lol Like they say Born Free Taxed To Death
  17. Living in England i know that we ourselfs are allowed to earn so much before we are taxed on it,and any money made from private sales ie: garage sales/car boot sales/private sales between friends are tax free unless you make a business of it .Take Ebay for example in England you can sell items and not be taxed on your earnings unless said earnings go over a certain amount per annum (when as rightly so the tax office decide you are using ebay as a business and you are taxed) To the point in question. I think the taxing online games is more aimed at the Second life market where a lot of RL money is exchanged for online money and vice versa.now if you could convert your EL gold into RL cash then i think it would be taxable .I dont think EL has any worrys as far as the IRS goes(Reason being there is no inbuilt ingame feature to change your EL gold/assests into RL money as there is in Second life) .. certain individuals might if they sell ingame items for RL cash on a regular basis but that would be a case by case scenario and not EL as a whole. Edit : spelling
  18. El Lottery

    Just bought a ticket woohooo lol my luck might as well chuck the money anyway is the draw once a month as the NPC states or once a week as said by Ent ???? EDIT: took labrats advice (thanx) so forget this (speed reading oops)
  19. El Lottery

    Very good idea I think thats you will get more people playing on a regular basis if you have more then one prize. (more chance to win even though it be a lower amount) ie: 9million prize fund First prize : 4 million. 10 runners up prizes of 500,000 or 20 at 250,000 etc or if the prize fund varys each week then have the First prize 50% of the fund and the other 50% goes to lower prizes 100,000 prize fund First Prize 50k 10 runners up at 5k
  20. Mass Invasion

    Just a quick note to say thankyou to all the Devs /mods and any one else who was involved in organising and running the mass invasion Thankyou was most enjoyable Killed by : Desert chim 1 Yeti 2 Cyclops 1 <<<<< ( while my summoned white tiger licked its paws and watched ) lol noob
  21. More MMORPG please

    Good Ideas cant fault your logic Im not a programmer but to me most of these changes seem purely cosmetic ? (might be wrong) and plenty of work needs doing before little tweaks are made here and there ie: finish C2 maps / placement of Npcs etc etc ... And we musnt forget the game is still only in its Beta stage and im sure the Devs are proberly working on some of your ideas (as Aislinn states) and a hundreds others . As it has been said its a classlass game but my self personally i would like to see more skills so players have the option be totally differant from one another if they so wish ( more than likely been suggested before so i will not elaborate). My only answer is if you would like to help with the Dev of the game contact who ever you need to (sure the mods will point you in the right direction)and have a talk to them .
  22. Mass Invasion

    Good point maybe the Giant should be one per map say as the leaders of the invasion ( note:At My level Ten giants is just the same as one. fft I would get owned just by the giants left Testicle )
  23. Suggestion: Horses!

    You will get players complaining about them stirrups of destruction
  24. Suggestion: Horses!

    LMAO cool do they do a Dragon one then the whole of EL will be happy
  25. films

    Are any films as good as the books though ? , dont think ive seen one yet.