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  1. wat is the fastest way to make money.

    hmmm tough one. i can only tell you how i make money and its up to you if you do the same or go a differant path: Best way i have found is get your self to a decent ALC level (mines 45) and make Health Ess (always in demand and can sell them quite easy to other players for 5-7 gold) one thing i have found though .whatever money you make leave in your storage and if you need more Fps then harvest sulphur or flowers to buy them (that way the money in your storage only goes up and never down) Cant go far wrong with most Essences though ,you can get a pretty fare price even for Fe's or Ae's from most bots Note: Dont think anyway is 100% quick most need at least some work and time ie: reading the books you need etc . Edit: best thing i ever did was get the Artificer perk
  2. Zamora, my guildmate scammed everything i had

    Yes if its true it is a criminal offence. but slandering someone on the net even on a forum suxh as this is treated the same now as if you slandered them in papers etc and can leave you open to being sued .not saying you will be but just thought i would point out its best to be 100% sure before making accusations like that (wether they true or not)
  3. New client

    well according to ents post you wasnt supposed to install the new client just yet just download it so couldnt tell you what is wrong
  4. Fire Essence auction

    The auction will run till 12pm GMT Tuesday 19th Dec Auction is for : 10k Fe's + 5 EFe's Starting offer : 48k Please post any offers in here no pms plz Edit : Price is based on what i can sell them to a bot for now .thought i offer them in open market first
  5. Fire Essence auction

    CLOSED sold to sithicus
  6. Lord_Seymour bagjumper? You decide.

    Lol not that i condone bagjumping in any shape or form but with an attitude like that Anna he should have took it all . If you want players to act in a mature way. talk to them in a mature way,treat ppl like crap and they will act like it Edit: Taking on guilds ermm its a game cant kill him or make him pregnant so why should that threat work
  7. Fire Essence auction

    well sith with 50 k has got the top bid so far
  8. Best Death Message

    all ready entered but a few more just for fun : <player> is dyslexic and has fried <player> now regrets trying to pet a chim <player> denies all responsability for his death claiming it was his 3 year old brother <player> was last heard saying " dont worry i got monster magnaaaaaarrrrrrrr" <player> thought getting Pwnd (porned) was a sexual pastime <player> thought they said Undie world and has gone for a perv
  9. Best Death Message

    <playername> is fine dont worry it was his brother ficus who died This one is just for fun : <playername> Went to the lemmings school of survival
  10. Chain Reaction

    Fair enough point *slap wrist for con and ace *
  11. Chain Reaction

    (park) keeper
  12. Chain Reaction

    (way) point
  13. Chain Reaction

    (over) drive
  14. Selling

    i will take a mirror cape plz 4k thanx
  15. Chain Reaction

    (cleaner) fluid
  16. Chain Reaction

    (boy) band
  17. Chain Reaction

    (board) game
  18. Chain Reaction

    side (downside)
  19. Chain Reaction

    machine (mystery machine (scooby doo) )
  20. Newbie summoning!

    What on earth made you think that? Moderator or player doesn't matter in that case. Tasteless and or stupid ideas should be recognized as such. Sometimes it is only fair to call a pig a pig, not to be insulting, but beacuse it is infact a pig. I dont think for one minute Derin was calling you a pig personally Red.More of a case he was saying some ideas are not very good and if so then ppl might comment that them ideas are bad . All because a player or Mod says an idea is bad its not an attack on the person who posted the idea just on the idea itself. I think we all suffer from the same pitfall of thinking are own ideas are the next best thing since sliced bread and when ppl dont see the GREAT idea we have had we are shocked but sometimes critisism is good (as long as its construtive). If you get ideas Red keep posting them but be prepared for not every player/Mod liking it and they will say so,but its not a personal attack on you if they do
  21. Client test, PRE RC

    ok ive tried to down the the new client twice now and keep getting the following msg "This application has faild to start because SDL.dll was not found " thanx james
  22. Newbie summoning!

    lmao honestly made me chuckle . sarcasm got to love it
  23. Signatures

    okies try your best . play around do a few designs and i see you ingame with either 5k or a red cloak which ever you prefer Edit :im off now . i will post here when im online tomorrow so we can meet ingame to sort out your payment
  24. Signatures

    4am and my minds dead sorry Maybe make the font smaller(and a solid colour red or black or both) .add a castle in the background (like kidbergs kind of thing) Knight in the foreground .