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  1. Gatherer Medallion

    [snowghosT @ 6]: so radu, can u tell me the stats of it? [radu @ 6]: same s moon med, but with that thing added
  2. EL 'trailer' movie needed (with contest)

    Not bad videos One suggestion. Instead of showing the skills in progress, since they dont really show up that well... maybe have a caption of what you can do and then show the end product ? Ie: " Become a Tailor" and show someone in tailored items
  3. Increased Gc drops from monsters

    I agree if you get less xp pvp than on mobs then something is wrong... and you can always att pvp. costs more but gives att and def xp
  4. Increased Gc drops from monsters

    Really ??? I thought the game was designed to be classless, so players wernt forced to do things they didnt like and to be able to concentrate on those they do .... my bad
  5. Harvesting

    But how it is now is going to change anyway, since Radu has said he will reduce the chance of mini events ( by how much only he knows) Imo anyway the best way to stop people afk harving, is not to penalize them to much if they do, but to give them a good incentive not to go afk
  6. Mini Harv Events

    well i have an idea ..... what about: or It would be really revolutionary and unheard before ... or maybe not? lool you cant compare the small amount of dmg a harver gets at the moment to what a fighter does.. which is why if harvers want the same xp as fighter then the risks should be the same (they are not even in the same league atm).... not a random chance to take dmg but a guaranteed one (per pick based on harv level vs harvestable level, so in theory they could block dmg as a fighter does), XP from harvestable granted would have to be increased, but that would decrease by 1 per harv level like a fighter does when his a/d increases note: not a serious suggestion btw, just to show harv and a/d xp cant be compared since its based on risk vs reward, very small if any risk for harvers which leads to low xp Nice idea about dropping Ing btw.. but would need to drop ings needed by fighters.. so mums and silver ore plz (then I can make my own He's who needs an alcher , better yet save me time.. just have mobs drops he's , either way alcher still loses )
  7. Increased Gc drops from monsters

    They already do drop serp stones
  8. Mini Harv Events

    @ Smalul To do that you would also have to make harving have the same cost and risk as fighting Ie: if you harv something above your level you take dmg per pick hmmm "you harv one dung and get crit hit for 27 dmg and it breaks your col "....
  9. Mini Harvest events medallion

    Hmmm I dont think the suggestion stops you getting the mini events Pye, the medallion just increases the xp/gc got from them by 10 (as a normal medallion does now on normal events)
  10. Increased Gc drops from monsters

    This is where a/d differs from the other skills you have mentioned.. if a potter steps down to lower potions to make a profit he doesnt hurt anyone since ings etc are limitless. Now with there only being a limited number of spawns if player A steps down to serp fluffs for gc then he is maybe making it harder for player B to find a spawn, and despite what ppl think 99.9% of fighters are not f00kers who want to bugger up others training. You also supported the manu strike to increase item cost, so kinda weird you dont support an increase in helping people to pay for said price hikes
  11. Increased Gc drops from monsters

    WARNING SARCASM Well I suppose to help cut down on costs and loses, fighters/pkers could go on strike, only clear invasions that win days purely for them (sun tzu) etc " MB in WS pffft no spawns there needed so who care's"
  12. Mini Harv Events

    No skill should be 100% afk possible, imo that defeats the whole point of an MMO. But that being said after reading Soldus's event list I agree that maybe the chance of events shoud be reduced, its a fine balance between stopping 100% afk harving and making the game unplayable. So maybe instead of having "random" mini events could you have guaranteed mini events ? Programming wise could these be based on emu ? ie: you have 900 emu, mini events happen when you have filled 225 emu, at 450 emu and at 675 emu or make the events level related but still random Harv 1-30: normal chance for event to happen Harv 31-60: Half the chance Harv 61+ a quarter of the chance This way it would hit "harv alts" more than the genuine players, since genuine players will more than likely have a higher harv level And would stop 100% afk harving but without being to intrusive at higher levels.
  13. Increased Gc drops from monsters

    GD2D has a good point about xp vs GC which would come into play IF fighters were asking for millions of GC in profit, but unless I have missed it they are not. To me anyway its not about each mob dropping 5k GC but just having creatures drop GC based on their strength would be nice ( get 3 gc from a Mcw, 10 from a Giant or 26 Gc from a Dragon and you will know what Im on about) Note: Best ways for fighters to make money atm is instances.. team of 6 fighters + 1 mule can make 30-50k (based on no breakage of items) each in just over an hour, but even then if we go more than once per weekend we get accused of farming
  14. Mini Harv Events

    Well Imo give it a couple of days, give Radu "positive" feedback and not moaning threads, since it is still new and Im sure if the events happen to much they can be tweaked lower
  15. Increased Gc drops from monsters

    I will only comment on Mcw since that is what I train atm (and Dcw/Fcw drop more) Imo the max amount of Gc doesnt need to be higher, what needs to be changed is the lower point, which will hopefully make a higher average Gc drop overall Im not sure what the max Gc drop for a mcw is (but its not high) but the lowest is 0 (no drop), Imo they should drop EVERY time. Now if the max drop is 50 I would suggest the lowest is 35+ (which isnt uber GC drops but atlot better than now) or Remove the special drops from mcw (Ts pots, books, Tit long) and replace that with a higher max possible GC drop Ie: a range of 50-150 Edit: This should be the same for all mobs, a trade off between special drops and gc, if a higher max GC drop is wanted then the chance to find a special drop (book,armour,nmt,sword etc) should be lowered or removed Note: Before people say "serp them for money" its not worth it... serping for a 2 gc drop, people would be better off going and hogging a lower players troll or fluff (which I do sometimes and really really annoys them )
  16. Mare Bulungiu

    Gratz to all that helped with them both
  17. 1. But unless both problems ( in your opinion) are solved at the same time, then they solve nothing, infact changing the 1st without the 2nd would make it worse.So Imo no point changing the 1st unless you have a 100% guarantee that the 2nd would be changed as well note: I would rather things stay as they are, Imo Death doesnt need to cost anything, since the act of pking costs enough as it is, and increasing Gc drops "might" make the farming problem worse 2. Since your very first suggestion about $1 rosts and making KF drop again, I have had a good idea of what the "selfish" reason is
  18. Quote taken from this thread: Click If you dont like it dont read it. Your coming on here and bitching about it contributes less than our repeated suggestions. EDIT2: and how the fuck do u expect me to goto KF? if i serp MCW with JS, i come back from session with like 1.5kgc of profit tops. If i use lower wep and do 1 flee i break even IF i dont break anything. 1.5kgc gets me about 4 minutes of competitive PK, and that's the only kind any serious PK'er is interested in. Hmmmmm in this thread topic you wish to Increase the cost of PK by making KF drop again and forcing people to use rosto's (even at 8k its an increase in PK cost) But in the other topic you complain that PK cost's alot and how can anyone expect you to goto KF with those said costs So why suggest/make topics about increasing the cost of PK ?????
  19. I dont think Rosto usage would increase due to pk, as this would be down to how much people are willing to lose for fun. Going by the poll as it stands now PK would lose nearly 50% of its already small player base, and how many deaths at 8K (imo this price would increase as GC farmers increased their gc > $ rate to make sales) would the other 50% be willing to have on top of the normal PK costs ? IMO what would happen is that most people would get fed up of 8k deaths and would only PK on ND days (as used to happen) and this would leave Radu out of pocket since rostos are now $1 instead of $4 ( @ 25 for $100) People might think pk is a "joke" atm etc but no one can deny that since certain Pk areas became no-drop PK activity is 100% better than before. Going back to the poll IMO PK should be ignored/left as is and time concentrated on the invasion side (since way more ppl attend or would attend invasions than ever PK)
  20. progressive taxation

    How would you tell which serp stones, efe's, bindings etc have been bought from the shop ? Would kinda suck tbh for a player saving up to buy an expensive item... saved up 300k for nmt one day, nxt day he checks its only 250k in sto.
  21. After reading the Gold membership thread and peoples replies both for and against, I thought I would open this thread (so as not to spam that one) to give Radu/Roja some ideas of what people would or would not be willing to pay for. New P2P races: Speaks for itself and would just give players more options Custom clothing This would basically be the same as the service Labrat runs atm, but for a small fee would be seen by all and not just those using Labbys server Unique shop only items These could be anything ranging from new armour/weapons to items for other skills such a a hood for ranging etc etc Pets These would be the same as Learners Ant service but would be animals such as Tigers,Panthers or Fantasy creatures Other Please post suggestions (but lets try and keep the suggestion sensible and not ones that unbalance the game or give to much advantage to $ players)
  22. Gold membership

    For those who missed the original idea (well it was March 2008) CLICKY
  23. Personally I think there are enough ways ingame already for players to lose items, without giving every tard with a Dick Turpin complex a way to ruin others fun But for the sake of not being totally negative and not giving constructive critisism The chance of success shouldnt be just based on the thiefs abilities but include the potential targets stats aswell: Ie: Thiefs dex + level + perception Vs Targets Perception + Reaction (or w/e) The risk Vs gain is to little, the thief will just go nekkid, so if he is pkable and dies then he loses nothing So maybe he should need to wear a 100k Ninja suit which he has a chance to lose (regardless of wether he carries a rost or not) upon being detected or killed Should also Remain Pkable until he has paid off the local town watch/police/cops etc, and this would be by making a substantial payment (10k or more) to an NPC EDIT : Or putting on the thief suit makes them invisible but also Pkable, so anyone who catches them with TS can defend themselves This should be totally random and in no way shape or form should the thief be able to choose what is stolen Once a Thief has attempted to steal from a player, regardless of wether it was a success or not, he should not be able to retarget said player for X amount of RL months But no I dont agree with the idea in general
  24. What Services would you be willing to pay for ?

    So basically give someone double speed in half the areas, for a whole year, for a fee? Pretty much yes But wasnt that the intention of horses in the first place to give people double speed in half the areas ? Imo at least this way the game would get some $ and all the hard work done on the horses would be put to use. I think people's biggest issue with the horses and hence their lack of use, was the fact they were lost so easily. If double speed would unbalance the game to much then I for one wouldnt mind if that was lowered (as I see them more as a cosmetic item or pet than anything else) But If enough whistles are sold from the shop as is, then this suggestion is a moot point
  25. Gold membership

    But would that money come back into the EL shop ? You yourself have said you bought two laptops from GC > $ sales, now for arguements sake lets say thats $1000.. if you havent bought $1000 worth of items from the shop then that is the problem facing the game. Even If you spent $500 of the $1000 at the shop that is potentially $500 Radu has lost out on ( I say potentially because I have no proof the GC buyers would buy from the shop if GC sellers were not about ) Note: not an attack on you Pye, just pointing out the problem