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  1. Item restrictions

    Hmmm EL isnt open and flexible though....... If I dont train my magic I cant cast Higher spells, If I dont train summoning I cant summon Dragons, So Why if you dont train a/d should you able to use the top tier items ? Giving items a REQ level would make the lower level capped arena's more competative aswell, since low levels players will all be equally geared
  2. Face Palm Monster 150 a/d Pwns all stupid idea's
  3. Regarding the Echo 'hax'

    Rules are rules. Yes Rules are Rules.. good point Rule 18 : No Hacking So which rule does it fall under ?
  4. Bronze sword adjustments

    I disagree, a 110 a/d player should always have a decent chance to kill someone higher, but that chance shouldnt be based on luck (bronze sword) but based on skill. As soon as this game allowed PP buying and Char buying the "omg you shouldnt be able to kill me cuz i have earned my 150 a/d" soap box went out the window.. people shouldnt be able to kill you because you are a good pker, not because someone has bought a shed load of PP's or a char.
  5. Bronze sword adjustments

    Its a double edged sword tbh, the bronze sword is a great balancer for getting ganged, without it those five might have killed you within seconds.... now the problem lays when those 5 can also use Bronze swords, so ends up being no balance. Yes bronze is OPed and the dmg should be toned down, but without it the lower player might get fed up of being ganged and just stop pking. So maybe (off topic) in the same way a player get a minus def penalty for fighting multiple opponents, the attackers should get a minus attack penalty for each extra person fighting.(PvP only not PvE) If logic is needed then its because they have to becareful where they hit, so they dont hit others instead of the intented target
  6. Bronze sword adjustments

    He had to be really good pker if he didnt use MI not to get cooldowned. Summons have a chance to ignore/bypass MI
  7. Mages

    MI FTW As already being posted there are ways to defend yourself vs harm, but if you want to sit around chatting in KF and not use MI then its your own fault. Its a PK map, not a social network site. There should always be an element of danger and risk, and should never be 100% safe. But hey just nerf the mages and change the map name to Facebook field
  8. Bronze sword adjustments

    This ^^ Plus A decreased break rate if the stats are being lowered.
  9. PvE/PvP weapons and armors multiplier

    Easy................ just cap how many books can be read. If thats is joined to Radu's modifier idea you could have the following (at a very basic level) Combat Mastery: Each player can only read one of the following and Reading the book would half the negative modifier for PvP and maybe give a plus modifier of say 5% for PvE Book of Great swords (would not include bronze swords,this will always recieve the full negative modifier for PvP) Book of Armour mastery Book of Elemental Sword mastery ( therm/ice/fire serp/s2e etc ) Book of Magic Swords ( Jsoc/Osmn etc) Book of Specials ( Som, Bod, Dragonblade etc ). Now if the system wanted to be Deeper, reading the book could open up other books to read along the chosen path ie: Armour Mastery Path Pre-Req : Reading Book of Armour mastery Book of Red Dragon Armour Book of Ice Dragon Armour Book of Steel Plate Book of Shields (non magical types) Book of life drain shield Book of Tit plate of Freezing Book of Uber def greaves etc etc etc Players would also be capped on how many books within a certain path they could read (eg can only read 2 books) Imo Mastery Paths + Radu's proposed idea + maybe new Mastery path perks would help do away with the standard cookie cutter PK builds and items and make each players set up more varied
  10. PvE/PvP weapons and armors multiplier

    Would summons get the same minus % dmg modifier, since if you reduce all armour protection by -15% for example, wouldnt high end summons become to OPed ?
  11. Should attributes cap increase?

    And the legitimate "non PP buyers" could not increase their attributes too? In fact, if this changed would get implemented i bet most people would increase their p/c. Yes they could.. and PP buyers could increase p/c and r/i/v, so the gap would only get bigger. The only way it would work is if the cap was increased to 52, the total amount of points that could be spent on attributes in total was capped instead
  12. Should attributes cap increase?

    Voted no People complain about PP buyers at the moment, giving them an extra 4 points per stat to increase would only make the gap between PP buyers and non PP buyers greater
  13. Summoner Related Changes

    I do understand that but any changes should be made to the Summoner not the summons (like the suggestion in my edited post above ) or make the summons see what the summoner does, if the summoner uses Ts and see's a mage then the summons do, its then down to player skill and tactics, not just summoning 8 TSed ACW, going to make a coffee, coming back and counting the death msgs (extreme example )
  14. Summoner Related Changes

    You missed one vital component in that its not just Summoning: ACs .. nothing its Summoning: ACs .. + Summoner The summoner can use TS, bronze, bronze+arrow hax, harm, mag pots, acc/eva etc and have 8 ACW's fighting with him... so not really underbalanced is it ? Edit: But maybe an idea that might be good is : Have a spell based on animal nexus, that can remove the invisible status from a player.. ie: the summoner uses TS,spots a mage... casts the debuff and lets ac's do the rest Then its down to player skill and tactics, not just summoning 8 TS'ed acw
  15. Some ideas for magic

    By your own statement shouldnt that be reversed ? and metal armour/dragon armour give greater protection against harm spells ?
  16. Summoner Related Changes

    No. not the way the current summons work ( the amount summoned in one go ) giving them TS aswell would make them OPed imo. IF they were giving TS then they should be nerfed in some other way, ie: half the amount summoned, lower att strength or less HP etc Personally I would give TS to falcons/hawks, then these to be used tactically as "scout" summons, instead of AC's which would be scout,tank and damage dealer Not sure if its possible but I would go as far as having the TSed falcon/hawk having a chance to remove the enemys Invis status on a succesful hit As for the heal/smite summons being based on a players summoner level, rather than their magic level, seems pretty logical to me and cant see a reason why not
  17. Making EL better

    Granted every game has its grinds, but each vary on how much there is to do to break up that grind, EL has very little, unless you choose to train another skill, which wether its right or wrong and depends on peoples styles, some people dont want to do, and TBH why should they have to ?. Why should someone who likes the game for its PvE/PvP system ( which is a hell of alot better than a fair few MMO's ) have to mix to get fun or vice versa ? IMO each skill needs more endgame content, since thats where the "grinding with nothing else to challenge you" kicks in
  18. Making EL better

    A reset in the long run wouldnt solve anything, the simple reason in IMO is outside of PvP the high level fighters have nothing to do, and once they reach that point again then the same problems exist. For a high level fighter who doesnt PK the options are: Instances: Always the same, so once you get the tactics down then pretty much a walk in the park, so no challenge Invasions: Unless totally OPed and have X amounts of dragons or MB dropped on you, then dont hold much of a challenge to the top tiers either Which kinda leaves grinding, so players get bored with the lack of things to do and leave or sell and move on.( this might even be the case for non-PvPers)
  19. Be nice if the God ignored you and you got a minus att/def penalty Edit: And so it couldnt be used to lower att/def for training, it would only be for a short limited time Ie: -5 att for 2 minutes... that along with the loss of the item is enough penalty for failing
  20. While I like the general concept of being able to get blessing without going to the temple, Im not sure an item is the best way. To me anyway just doesnt seem practical to be able to have the time to pray to your god/goddess/holy hippy tree mid-combat. So maybe the idea could be joined with the new quest idea's. Have Npc's representing priests/gods avatar on certain maps and after completing a mini quest for them, you are able to recieve a lesser blessing from them (for a lesser cost ofc)
  21. Bigger buddy list

    Afaik from reading Radu's posts over the years, that is what he wants. He doesnt want player A (120's) being untouchable to Player B (90's), they should always have a chance through luck/skill etc to be able to beat a higher player, and 90 v 120 isnt really the problem A/D range tbh. The problem is when for example you get a 120-130 player vs a 150-160 one, with the introduction of Dragons armours and PP buying, the bronze sword became one of if not the only viable way to combat these things, since vs a high def lvl player with dragon armour and high ins/vit then the other swords dont have the accuracy or damage ( Yes some have greater accuracy but pitiful dmg ratio ) Im not against removing bronze swords but imo if that happens then other changes need to occur . ie changes to dragon armour stats, increasing accuracy of say OS, or increasing dmg of cutlass etc etc etc well unless you want fights that last 3 weeks and become's a War of attrition rather than skill .
  22. Lenny / Invasions channel

    Should we assume that rule #3 means that any player may ask that OT chatter stop when there are Lenny or Invasion topics being discussed? Or only a mod? Well thats up to the mods , no one else. If the channel gets out of hand during invasions or "lenny time" then thats down to the mods to control. Also see rule 2 if lenny isnt out or there isnt an invasion people who want the channel for that have the option to leave.No point being in there if those two things are not happening and thats what you are after. As for dilly's example.yes it is spam but no more so that player A saying "o/a 55" then the countless gratz answers
  23. Lenny / Invasions channel

    That was there before pkcentral and would be there if it moved. The only way to be 99% sure that no idiots are in a channel is to make your own with fellow like minded people. Seriously if chan6 gets WAY out of hand then thats down to the moderators, since the channel is supposed to be lightly moderated not un-moderated
  24. Lenny / Invasions channel

    But suppose that pker/mixer/hamster actually does talk some sense - with #ignore - you lose all their contributions. aha so people want the best of both Worlds.. well guess your f00ked
  25. Lenny / Invasions channel

    #ignore pk central #ignore <pker/mixer/tailor/hamster> talking cesspool of crap So wheres the problem ? This game through ignore gives all players the ability not to listen to what they dont want to, and come on lets be honest even before pk central chan6 was not the center of intellectual debate. People need to get off the moral high ground by saying pkcentral had dumded down/ruined chan6, since and it might upset and surprise a few people... chan6 has ALWAYS had its share of idiots and retards, wether they be mixers, fighters, or both. So use the function the game already has and #ignore.. not really rocket science is it