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  1. Potions of Defence and Attack Reduce

    Or Remove fixed Dragon spawns,remove them from instances, stop spamming invasions with them, re-do their stats so it takes a team to kill them ( 15k+ health would be nice aswell) and then only use them as End of invasion bosses (which is the way they should have been from the start imo)
  2. Perk Stones

    Like I said in chan 6, I would prefer if any item was held in the off hand, so if for example a PKer wanted to use an evenescence stone, he would have to sacrafice the use of 2 handed weapons and shields, would balance it up a bit more imo But apart from that Im ok with the idea
  3. Why go to all the trouble of programming an NPC, might aswell just sell them in the EL shop for $100 per stone
  4. Enchanted titanium short swords....any make one?

    Even with the extra fire damage, the Tit short of fire does less damage than a cutlass, and has alot less bonuses, so even vs Metal armour its not a PKing weapon
  5. There has been alot of talk that Pk should be about tactics, so here are a few item suggestion that might/might not help. Some people will like them, some wont .. Thoughts please. Buff Removal Ward: Does as the name suggest, would remove X amount of buffs (dependant on the placers Eng Level) per step taken. This would include all buffs, wether they be from Pots, items or blessings Cooldown Ward: This Ward would "cooldown" (stop working) All Orange spam Items for X amount of time (dependant on placers Eng Level) per step taken. This Ward would cooldown all items, Including Mol, SoM, Brod, Bod, Ubg, Osmn etc etc etc Note: These would only work as do the current wards Ie: the target has to take a step in there radius to be affected Heart Stone: This would be a shop bought Item and would disappear upon death as per a rostogol stone. This stone once equiped would make the user Immune to being Multied (effectively making all maps single combat for the user), Great for Invasions and Pk Comments ?
  6. New Wards + Stone

    Well to me anyway , 8 ppl all clicking attack on 1 person, doesnt involve much thinking or teamwork Those 8 100-110 a/d players would have to think and plan attacks to take you down ( Ie: How Nca used to be). shall we pass the diss, use summons to wear him down, try to lure him into wards etc etc etc And on the other side of the coin, might it not help those 100-110 a/d from getting ganged themselves by 4-5 130+ ppl ? Edit: Anyhow Im not going to argue for the stone to much, it was just a suggestion I thought I would throw out there along with the wards, it can be easily lived without and wouldnt be a big deal if not implemted
  7. New Wards + Stone

    Just a clarification of the Heart stone ... Incase people are concerned it would mean 6 players, each with a stone being able to gang someone and not being able to be attacked in return. It would make the maps single combat in every sense... they cannot be multied, but on the flip side, they would not be able to engage someone already in combat either (should balance it out a bit better)
  8. PK'ing in PK maps is not a crime

    Even staying within Game rules, you still have to be careful of you actions Rules 2 and 3 cover a broad scope and its very easy to step over the line Being a fuckwit works boths ways.... as the saying goes " two wrongs dont make a right"
  9. Isnt this a bit overpowered?

    I do but then Im just a PK n00b who gets on with it
  10. TS penalty

    When Ts was removed I was still at -15, when I logged in nxt my Ts disapeared on its own at +1 per min, afaik this was the case for everyone ie: It was auto removed
  11. Isnt this a bit overpowered?

    hmmm something like 40-45 dmg ? so it sits between OS and hallie ?
  12. Isnt this a bit overpowered?

    Until the person with Uber Greaves buy's one... then he has 168 def and reduces you to 20
  13. Isnt this a bit overpowered?

    Hmmmm but shouldnt PK be about "who has the best Tactics/Char" etc not who has the most $ OR biggest guild ?
  14. Isnt this a bit overpowered?

    Or sell Orange spam armour and weapons in the EL shop so everyone has a set Personally I wouldnt like a spell to remove buffs, I would much prefer Gerbils idea that all buffs are reset to zero upon death (or even leaving the pk map if thats possible) Are they overpowered hmmm maybe depends on peoples luck tbh (or lack thereof), I would be more concerned about bronze sword being OP than ubers tbh
  15. PK'ing in PK maps is not a crime

    Dont some guilds allow spawn serping of red tags ? (lame I know but it happens) <3 Kaddy Truest thing ever said... but sadly as in all walks of life, there are always going to be the odd F*Tard
  16. Awards system

    I hope unlike the att/def etc page, no rankings will be allowed to be private, seems a waste if you go to all the trouble of programming it, just for half the names to be blanked out. Anyhow award ideas: Another Brick in the wall Award : Most rostogol stones lost "I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat" Award: Most deaths by Leo " If I kiss enough one will be a Prince" Award : Most Toads eaten
  17. Bot marketplaces

    Personaly I think the "marketplace" idea is a good one, not for all bots ( those on obscure undercrowded maps are fine) just those in such places as Nc (the number of bots there is getting beyond a joke imo) IMO all new bot placements should not only take into consideration how much money a location can make the owner, but also do they detract from the atmossphere of the game Maybe Bots placed in the market's can be bought for the price they are now, and if a player wants certain tactical placement they have to pay more
  18. Ranging in WV

    I have never ranged in Wv, so could you please explain to myself and others who might be ignorant about it, what has changed ?
  19. Hoarding poll

    Goods of inactive players have no impact on game economy since they are not being sold nor used. Really? Then why do I hear things that % rates of rare items are changed do to the amount in game? Im not sure how Radu collects his figures for how many rare items are ingame, but I would guess it would include those in inactive accounts (only Radu can answer that 100%), so yes in theory it could affect the market, since the items in inactive accounts make the % chance to make a rare lower, which equals a higher market price. Cant tbh see anything that can be done about it though.
  20. Hoarding poll

    Atm > 500k gc ( I Pk a lot so I dont class that as hoarding, more being practical having the cash at hand to replace breakages) 1 rosto ( normal 3-5 for invasions/instances) 3 Ele Care to elaborate ?
  21. Or it could work another way, Since Your God is holding an invasion,it is your duty to help him and you become red named for its duration
  22. Removing TS effect

    Well since A.orcs,chims and Yeti we decided upon to be changed last night, not really sure you have a point (and more creatures might be changed, added ) The changes were needed to Ts and chims to force players to move off creatures below they level, such as Feros.To free the spawns up for players such as yourself who might one day train them. Adding new spawns was needed since iirc they was only 6 Fcw spawns and 4 Mchim spawns in the whole game, compared to say 20+ Ogre spawns, and with the new spawns and extra tweaks players should now have a viable option other than Feros/Dcw to train
  23. Removing TS effect

    90% sure it was decided against using the No food = no spell idea
  24. Removing TS effect

    Radu has already said (see serping thread) that he isnt a fan of ppl taking up multiple spawns, so I can see him raising the ignore level just so more players can multi train
  25. Removing TS effect

    Hmmm Dont People Train Armed Orcs anymore, which are the natural bridging monsters between ogres and clops ?, maybe reducing Armed Orc spawn time a touch would help. Maybe if a mob is needed to bridge them (Imo A.Orc fills this fine) then maybe tweaking something like the Lion's stats to make it used might be good Not sure Nathan tbh, but I know for sure if the Ts effect is removed from the potions I for one will use them more in PK/Invasions(invis bjers) Ok Players will more than likely flame me now, but Imo high XP per hour mobs shouldnt also give good drops (wether that be items or Gc) it just adds another reason why players are unwilling to move on. Each mob should either give good xp or good drops not both. Note: People wont like this but Imo Nmt/arti capes should only be dropped by the high ends mobs Ac,Giant,Dragon and maybe added as one of the Random Instance boss drops (very small chance off drop compared to the other items). (and no I cant train Ac,Giant etc, so im kinda cutting my own throat)