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  1. Kusamura Jungle

    ...but u ruined it Soz
  2. Hyperspace Bag Spell

    maybe a spel thats lets teleport your bags to storage or yourself (where you are then at the moment) would be a good idea indeed. but in in order to make the h-bag yours you should put some magic note(paper) with your name on it in the bag so the spell can actualy locate it. the notes should be only buyable from some magic shop at some cost like 50 gc but yuol have to buy it in bulk cause it are notes but they dont have emu like money. so the bulk buy can be 1000 notes each buy so 50k gc to spend (just a suggestion) there should also be a spel to encript yout name on the note to mark it your note => that spel woul require much ess en have a moderate lv req orso. i hope you like the idea omg brilliant!
  3. No PKi when killing someone with PKi

    Can you please cite the source of your definition? I certainly don't consider abuse limited to solely when the person abusing gets material benefit. My definition is in accord pretty much with what I wrote above.
  4. No PKi when killing someone with PKi

    Some people will just abuse things because it is there to be abused. The PKI system has turned into a running joke, with people buying PKI, selling PKI, allowing themselves to give PKI so that they lower their PKI to get better PKI themselves, allowing themselves to lose PKI and then getting a rollback, etc etc etc. For those who actually played the PKI system properly and didn't abuse it, it became an increasing source of frustration to see people abusing it to climb the score lists. For those who abused it, well, clearly it was a running joke for them. Your definition of abuse is rather narrow imo. However, even according to your definition, this abuse of the PKI system was to the detriment of other players (their ranking was artificially lowered) and was to their ingame benefit (they get a laugh and are on a ranking list). I won't be unhappy to see it go, and it seems most others here aren't either. S. Edit: From wictionary: Abuse is defined as; Improper treatment or usage; application to a wrong or bad purpose; misuse; perversion <--Not sure where it say anything about mandatory benefit there.
  5. Forum validation requests

    Please validate the account: Nyennoh S.
  6. You seem to be missing the fact that quite a few of the people that bothered to vote and reply in this poll actually value a little personal touch in the game. just something harmless, that can easily be ignored by the people that feel annoyed by the exact same thing. I understand, and respect that there are indeed people that see this game as just a thing for themselves to do and they donĀ“t necessarily care for those extra gestures, or a little motivation towards eachother. I also think, there should be some limitations. But calling the people that do appreciate it 'vain'.. no. it's just our way of enjoying the game. A little understanding towards eachother, and some compromising goes a long way How is it even remotely personal? It's a bot. If my washing machine decided it would note my presence every time I entered the laundry and "greeted" me, I would very quickly be searching for the voice unit of the washing machine and dismantling it. I would also resent having to go to the trouble to do that. Like has been said in previous posts, it would be personal if the bot owner spoke to you. It is not personal if his/her bot speaks to you. At any rate, if your idea of a close personal interaction is to have a bot speak to you, why can't it be in PM? Is it not as cosy and personal any more? Or is it that you wish others to see that the bot deigned to speak to you? *Gets the sledgehammer and heads to the laundry*
  7. Well, given the nature of the poll, and the limitation of responses being used to auger a notion of support for local chat, let me give another interpretation: If all the people who voted, as of this post: 33% of the total population want there to be no limits to posting. 16% of the total population want to have the bots greet people in local Given also that some of the people who voted yes to the first post had nothing to their liking to choose in the 2nd post and perhaps chose randomly or chose the least abhorrent option, I wouldn't say this was particularly overwhelming. Is it simply vanity that makes an autonomous program speaking ones name seem enticing? Or am I missing something?
  8. newhope

    I don't see any name-calling or coarse language. (EDIT: well, no coarse language specifically directed at anyone in a derogatory way) This is Disputes forum. We're having a dispute. ...maybe it should be renamed "Very nice gentle discussion about flowers and unicorns forum"? Maybe time to dust the broom off again?
  9. Storage sell

    I will take iron broad and wood hammers
  10. if you are ip banned...........

    You need to not post any more if you want any chance of not having your ban extended further. Making multple threads and spamming your own is a big no no. Just be patient
  11. Graphics Problem..

    Sorry for the slow reply. I was chatting to someone else in game who seems to have an issue very similar to yours. It would fix briefly on a client restart though, then happen again. Have you upgraded your video cards recently? I ask this because this other person had, and it only started getting this way after that. S. nvm, you say you have. I will check what the other guy has, I wonder if its a buggy upgrade. I think that 8.11 refers to the catalyst control centre, the control panel for your ati card, but not your actual driver version. Are you able to look that up?
  12. Neat trick with the ctrl-page up/down, didn't know that one. Does that keep the last channel toggled through before you get back to "view all" the active channel? S.
  13. Bots speaking in local

    Some bots speak locally when you walk by. Is this permitted? If so, is there some sort of limit? Cheers, S.
  14. Hopping on to the next guild

    I know! Atrocious behaviour! Anyway, chosen a guild yet Ace? We are all dying to know...really. S.
  15. Hopping on to the next guild

    Says a lot about your guild. (TC) at one time had 3 mods and we were proud of it. Besides, mods are players too you know. I'm with zipher4. Having a mod in the guild is a pain in the ass :/ S.