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  1. P8 crash

    I've been running p8 for a few weeks now without problems. As of now when I launch client it crashes when I log in. Any info I can add that will be helpful to finding problem? I am able to connect to the test server but not main. The problem started when on mojave. I updated to catalina and still have same issue. I've tried launching in poorman and been able to log onto Teacher. But everytime I log into shantak I crash.
  2. P8 crash

    I'll chat with ben when I get a chance. I was never able to find error log.
  3. P8 crash

    Thank you jofu. Moving el.ini and el.cfg has resolved problem.
  4. P8 crash

    I selected Disable Gamma Adjustment at log in screen. Didn't fix problem.
  5. P8 crash

    macbook pro and yes
  6. EEEs are much more common than EMEs and as for dusting off and using whats in storage, I have over 260 and wouldn't be surprised if others have many more.
  7. Hero Points

    Creating incentive beyond oa 179 is certainly beneficial. Rewards could also add fun for all.
  8. Nov 27th fight club fight

  9. Storage Sale

    8758 potion of spirit restoration. 15.5 39848 Silver Ore 2.6 ea 200 potion of evasion 120ea
  10. Gypsum Auction

    50k Gypsum: Start Price: 500k Minimum Increase: 5k Bin: 750k Ends August 20. Accepting In-game bids. Pm Shantak
  11. Aution Artificial Removal Stone

    Shantak ingame
  12. Red Dragon spawn is taken

    Having all scale reduce isn't the best idea. The blud bd and id all appear in instance and invanves yet rds don't. If anything other dragon scales should reduce less than rd.
  13. Gypsum Auction

    In game bid of 575k
  14. Gypsum Auction

    In game bid of 560k
  15. How may italians are in the game?

    Try talking to Usl. His guild is >FA< and consists mainly of Italians.
  16. NMT game

    2 nmt from yetis in 300
  17. Small Storage Sale

    Minerals: 9192 Sulfur 39669 Sapphire 321 Ruby 7412 Coal 4472 Quartz 550 Emerald 7634 Diamond 11551 Turqoise 4769 Blue Quartz Weapon: 1 Golden Star Mace 1 Eagle Wing of Extra Damage 1 Cutlass of the mage 1 Sunbreaker of destruction 1 Rapier of death 1 Orc Slayer of Mana Nullification 1 Branch Of Destruction 1 Staff of the mage 1 Radioactive Titanium Long Sword 1 Bone of Death 1 Jagged Saber of Cooling Armor: 1 Steel Cuisses of Mana Drain 1 Steel Plate Mail of Healing 1 Titanium Greave of Mirroring 1 Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal 1 Steel Greave of Ubber Defense Misc: 4461 Rope Hazardous: 174683 Dung Buying Nexus Removal Stones 1,000 Potion of Defense 1,000 Potion of Coordination Pm Azurile
  18. Login error

    Hello, was wondering if anyone could offer an insight on whats going wrong with my computer/el file. this is what i get in terminal when i go to launch el. EternalLands(22062,0xa0ba5540) malloc: *** mmap(size=4294959104) failed (error code=12) *** error: can't allocate region *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug EternalLands(22062,0xa0ba5540) malloc: *** mmap(size=4294959104) failed (error code=12) *** error: can't allocate region *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug EternalLands(22062,0xa0ba5540) malloc: *** mmap(size=4294959104) failed (error code=12)
  19. 120s and 130s attention please!

    Today krrick dannus busterblader cronus jolt dubro and I did a pr0 instance. Each person entered the instance with 300 health essence 90 sr's misc pots and 60 pk arrows. We were in the instance from 12:17 to 14:10. We were able to clear the first wave of artic chimerans without many problems, the second wave of nasps consumed a rather large amount of resources and 3 bricks, the thrid wave of ice dragons went surprisingly well without any difficulties, however consumed a huge amount of resources and almost all of our pk arrows, the fourth wave of jegos ended with the group entering and ending with roughly the same amount of resources and 1 lost brick, entering the final wave of bula's we had enough he's and sr's left to fight 1 while using all the fire arrows we got from drops to kill it. After the first one our resources were almost fully consumed and we had enough left to do about 1k damage on the second.
  20. 100-119 Invance

    119/120 a/d and im EST
  21. Storage Sale

    Misc: 16 Skeleton Key 2 Archery Arena Ticket 1 Enrichment Stone Magic: 8 Red Drag Scales Tools: 1 Needle 4 Leather Gloves 7 Mortar & Pestle 30 Pickaxe Azurile ingame