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  1. Encryption

    Encryption wont stop any trojans though, they'll just read the user/password from the keyboard driver.. And if someone somehow got a packet sniffer onto your PC, odds is they could just as easily get a trojan there.
  2. Why is it...

    Wow, kinda hillarious seeing Korrodes and PaulB's replies.. You got beaten alot in school, eh?
  3. Australians - Electronic Freedom Project

    Australia is a small country, start a general strike.. A few weeks without infrastructure will crack down any government.
  4. Mosque at ground zero, NYC ?

  5. Mosque at ground zero, NYC ?

    And just when you thought the world couldn't possibly get any dumber - http://edition.cnn.com/2010/US/08/03/new.y...bid=WIVwST0M_pN. http://www.canada.com/news/Islamic+centre+...3260/story.html
  6. The Heath Care Bill

    Thought I might add for the sake of my argument, we pay 8% of our income for healthcare. In the US the average is about 17%.
  7. The Heath Care Bill

    Yeah but we don't pay 40% income tax and 25% sales tax. In Denmark, some lazy fuck who won't get a job will still get enough money from the state, while someone who works hard is punished for making more money. If you're lazy you won't recieve much. The government won't let you starve, but that's about it. Everyone that CAN work will work, if there is jobs avaiable. If you want a good society it costs. You are so afraid of socialism, yet the more socialistic countries has performed WAY better than USA in most aspects. Ever thought about why there is so much crime/poverty/misery over there? There is a reason why socialism is strong - everyone should have a decent living. Obama isn't a socialist, heck, over here he'd probably fit best in the liberal-conservative party. He's a white american disguised in a "poor old slaves" body, essentially betraying his own people. Talking about change like a left-wing revolutionary while still playing the game of the big corporations, pathetic. I give more credits to the old-school conservatives, atleast you know where they stand.
  8. The Heath Care Bill

    I think it's quite funny really. Here in Denmark we don't have a free market healthcare. The state owns/runs/plans the whole show, and it's funded with tax money. Then along comes US, land of capitalism, and decides that everyone should get healthcare. Instead of doing the logical thing, abolishing the freemarket for healthcare, they statesponsor certain companies..
  9. GodZ spawn serper

    Buhu, another guild browntagged meh and someone used brod!!111@@@###!11!elveven!! Edit : On a related note, no wonder why people quit playing when we have this community. Peaceful harvester and forum-trolls, YAY ! It's a game, enough with all this honour bullshit.
  10. About finding stones

    Got a binding stone the other day Just because the prices of stones goes up it doesnt mean the ratio is changed.. It might be a sudden demand, more item breaks the past days and people need armor fast etcetc.
  11. landmines

    Well, who says the landmines aren't activated with magic? Afterall the ability to use saltpetre came way earlier than the guns. Even the early roman empire used grenades when they fought against the germanic / keltic / gallic tribes up north. Only real difference between then and now is that we have semi-automatic primers, they didn't.
  12. landmines

    All landmines are made in the US, and now the americans are crying about how horrible they are.. When was the last time you tripped on one?
  13. What makes Eternal Lands unique?

    ROFL, people actually tell newbies that?
  14. Rereading books

    So why did you "use" it then? Thought it was big book of crafting..
  15. Rereading books

    Happend to me also, kinda annoying rereading dwarf fighting :/