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  1. Quote of the week submissions

    Shot at 2007-08-02 he made me
  2. ja... je kan ze enkel afkraken als ze hard zijn, als je ze nat maakt worden ze lekker soepel ;p
  3. scarr ik hou van je avatar
  4. sponsjes aant het opbruiken duh
  5. Riva

    hurray for Riva \o/ I hope some really nice people find their place in this Guild
  6. Dragon slayers.

    and what will be your part in this salying? lol
  7. You know yoy play EL too much when...

    did you say "#gm what map is iowa then?" then?
  8. nice perk, but i think "+120 mana + 100 health + 3 magic resistance." is too much lol... would be better if it was like +50 mana + 100 health or something like that
  9. Eye Candy positioning or lifespan bug

    there was a fire at that spot before... nothing new
  10. Steady supplier for coming next 4 weeks.

    good, i didnt even had to ask him
  11. Special effects

    for myself, i only had crashes while i was fighting with this new client, and pretty much of them
  12. Knowledge disappearing [SOLVED]

    If you are sure you read it and its not longer in your knowledge list, try checking your logs on "You started to research emerald mining" or something
  13. Steady supplier for coming next 4 weeks.

    WildIce HIM normally together with ReVenga ~SV~
  14. Quote of the week submissions

    a newbie catched me on a bad day omfg...
  15. What is your hobbies

    i wanna see a pic of you plx
  16. toadstool posion competition

    you really had the contest?? without me
  17. Bug fixes for counters

    I support this idea its annoying to lose kill counters
  18. Restoration spell change

    not sure about that man, whats the use of the +30hp if you cant fill it with restore anyway
  19. What is your hobbies

    hehe good puppy! lol i first read your hobby was "EL partying"
  20. toadstool posion competition

    ok i will participate with my newbie char with 20 hp oh and i didnt know that either cho, i tried it once tho... you sure you didnt lose a bit food and then regained it by eating and so got poisoned?
  21. stop yeti queue

    I have to say he is right here. You also have to consider they break alot of armor. And second, they worked for their high A/D levels (some of them did anyway ) so maybe its only normal they are rewarded. Just my idea about it.
  22. toadstool posion competition

    so when and where? pls pls pls i love toadstools
  23. What is your hobbies

    games, music, magic, going out, movies, cooking and eating , being with friends, chatting, ...
  24. EL funnies

    Nook1e: Hey Yeti! *WACK* Yeti: hello Nook1e. Oh and my reaction to invasion -> instant use of Port anitora ring: I just came back from party and was pretty drunk, watch the PC clock
  25. toadstool posion competition

    i'm in \o/