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  1. Netherlands / Holland

    lol dude... nee Ambro leert grear NL en ik help een beetje
  2. Three word story

    beaver that crushed
  3. Three word story

    So our gods decided
  4. Three word story

    2 fresh ducks
  5. The surprise from Radu

    omg read terena's edit ;p yes, Terena did well \o/
  6. Ants in KF tower

    Some ants have been in KF tower for a few days now. (IN tower) Dunno if its a bug or not, but it seemed weird to me.
  7. Teh Invasion

    lol scarr is right ;p
  8. Three word story

    that danced around
  9. Three word story

    where they saw
  10. Ants in KF tower

    someone ordered them to go out \o/
  11. Gerio of DIE!

    to explain what i did, i had the idea you were fighting (or going to) and not pvping...
  12. Teh Invasion

    carry a rostogol gg no re Nah, way more pr0 is: Use thermal+ tit pl8 set+col+nmt cape, and no rosto, no diss+tele, and most important: no healing eMPi and pm me pls ;p
  13. Three word story

    with purple wings
  14. Free drinks

    happy birthday cyp
  15. Brain Teaser

    a turn? EDIT: and Acelon's answer is right ;p
  16. Draw your EL character contest!

    Aylott's pics rule Helagur and Gretha, yours are very beautifull
  17. Three word story

    said britney and she
  18. Three word story

    cape and 2 pink
  19. Three word story

    an ebul pker
  20. Three word story

    father, and he started
  21. Three word story

    cause they have
  22. Three word story

    , reloads and shoots again
  23. Three word story

    and took his gun
  24. Three word story

    said JohnnyFrog and he