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  1. Bad Water Quality

    Hey All, My laptop has problems rendering EL, I have windows 8.1 with and NVIDIA 740M opengl v4.0.0, which is combined with an intel HD4000 I have tried every possible combination of settings but cannot seem to get it to work... #glinfo always tells me the videocard is an intel HD4000, even if I start the program on the NVIDIA Any help would be welcome, the game just looks horrible, and rotating makes the screen flicker like mad
  2. Do heightmaps qualify as a valid suggestion, to have a more immersive world ? Or is that more too much programming/engine related ?
  3. Exp / Min

    Idea: Change the Xp / Min counter in such a way that u can see: Harv xp/min Att xp/min or ofc, the way its now Oa xp/min So that the first skill in the starts bar is divided by the minutes played... Loving the Xp/Min already
  4. Lol proh, soo true.. i can't believe people are actually asking for cooldown, like asking for mini-events, or, a paperclip that gives u help ingame @t wizzy Well u'r free 2 try n pk me, as i don't have alts
  5. NO Cooldown - Will remove even more of the uniqueness of he pk-server If u want Cooldown, go to main
  6. Why change it all the time ?Its not Like No-Cooldown will attract 100s of players Just keep it as is... PKserver is doing fine... All these well intended threads get spammed by BS from people not playing on the server anyhows... We can better just Lock all these threads n discuss ingame
  7. Don't change a thing. To get more players: - Offer a (free) pkserver account to all people that get banned for illegal multi =) just a tought
  8. Xmas events today 9pm GMT

    TY Handy for an awsome event... I'll try and do something like the bags+rings, thats cool n gets people more intrested in c2 maps and there resources
  9. Xmas events today 9pm GMT

    I'll be on...
  10. Hazmat in hell

    Wouldn't that make HSpawn even more attractive ?
  11. Attack experience bug

    Stange indeed, never seen such a discrepancy between a/d during invasions even if u were ganged... well lets see in the next invasion what'll happen
  12. Hide and Seek

    Thanx !!! sounds good, An extra reason to be looking over our shoulder with ...monsters lurking round every corner
  13. no grief day

    WooT Handy... I bagged myself a couple of fluffs (no drops) but was fun, running around in full gear on no grief day...
  14. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    Strange i always get it like this: This page is updated every 30 seconds. There are 21 Players Online: Antio bkc56 dht Enius ernte evillurks grendel Hachi Idefix Ironfist kaldoon Mental nautilus Peer_pressure petroc RedruM RotationZ Sergey theno1jackass wifeofjackass worstnightmare There are 14 Bots Online: Canned Donkeh Gossip Odin PkAnt_1 PkAnt_11 PkAnt_12 PkAnt_14 PkAnt_19 PkAnt_2 PkAnt_20 PkAnt_3 PkAnt_37 PkAnt_Queen Most users ever online was 90 on Sun Dec 30 20:42:06 2007 <edit> Erm can we just forget about this idea, n think of more productive ways of promoting pkserver </edit>