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  1. America has the most Bad Ass Leaders

    Lol Lol
  2. I am quitting EL

    Oh dam, GL IRL handy!

  4. Worst Thing That Has Happened To You

    I bought a rosto, didnt realize it got traded into my bank, went PKing on c2... I was on some map with yetis (been out of the game for awhile now, dont remember map names) I went afk Came back and found out wexy killed me I lost full titanium armor, thermal serp, brod, nmt, js, cutlass, and a ton of gold and consumables I quit the game and sold my character that week =p
  5. The Greatest EL Player

    Best El Players Scarr Liquid Xanter Dezm Mufossa Crus Nahtepa Dushan Pain Itzalan ohmygod Kramxel LochnessLobster Bushido Masterpiter Fireballs Pookies Toomass Handyman Ulubalitali Yaserhameed Eaterofsouls Snosrap Orgoglio Wexy Grearien CitizenKane Senia Aki NeXT bkc56 Mango Evilgeorge Quimbly
  6. Screenshot Thread

    ----here, Kain=Xanter Grael=Fireballs Gaston=Horvic (Stupid namechanges)
  7. Best PK music?

  8. Screenshot Thread

    BTW, Kain=Xanter, Gaston=Horvic, Grael=Fireballs (stupid namechanges)
  9. PK Greetings

    Piggy didnt survive in the end He got crushed by a huge ass rock!
  10. KILL or be KILLED some scren shots

    Wow, nice. Good progression @ PK server
  11. The PK rumor mill

    woo bkc!!
  12. invasion 4/30

    Nice guys!
  13. The Greatest EL Player

    LuciferX Xanter Aki Mufossa Lol @ those who listed pedro
  14. PK Server Summon invasion

    Oh damn i was gonna come visit EL just for this event.
  15. Thor

    \o/o\/o\o/ woo! grats bud!