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  1. You know yoy play EL too much when...

    ok i have one: Your sitting in class learning about mass production and manufacturing and you start to day dream about manuing on E-L. (i've actually done this and zoned out for like 10mins... )
  2. Charlie the Unicorn

    Ok a lot of you have probably seen this but, its rally funny and i thought i would put it up
  3. There's something you need here.

    thatll be fine pm me same name ingame
  4. There's something you need here.

    hello ill buy the deer fur if its still available, just name a price
  5. little harv. shop

    WOAH ok people with an emu of 320 this is going to take a while so please give me at least 2 weeks to do this please thanks
  6. Best Death Message

    Chewieneo could not answer what the air speed velocity was of an unladen swallow
  7. little harv. shop

    ok Ryuu ill get those harvested for you
  8. little harv. shop

    ill harvest 3k for you at .4gc each. does that sound good?
  9. little harv. shop

    ok littlestar ill get to yur order as soon as possible
  10. little harv. shop

    ok thats fine devildog i was a little behind any way
  11. Selling & Trading

    ill buy 2 of the steel chains and the iron axe for 1.9k
  12. little harv. shop

    K DevilDog when i finish Grozni's order ill start yours
  13. little harv. shop

    Ok Grozni ill get started on that
  14. little harv. shop

    prices: iron ore- 2.5gc max 2k silver ore- 2gc max 3k sulphur- 2gc max 3k any quartz- 2gc each max 3k coal- 2gc each max 3k any type of flower- up to level 35 harv price depends on flower max 3k and thats it and im EXTREMELY sry to those i wasnt able to finish the other time (i was really busy and barely got to play the game at all ). taking up to 3 orders at a time and plz allow 3-10 days for delivery 1.grozni 2k iron ore 2.DevilDog03 2k iron ore 3.littlestar 2k iron ore just post here with orders or ingame
  15. Happy Thanksgiving

    Hi everyone! just wanted everybody, in game and out, a happy Thanksgiving and i hope you all have a great one