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  1. Stuck up MAD guild

    @Caliphear: Well I remember you asked for rangers' help at that time so you probably were on the casty too. You didn't "BJ'ed the bag" directly but you participated to it and you approved it, that's the same. Anyway, this is off topic so I won't argue anymore about your case, the thread I pointed is already explicit enough.
  2. Stuck up MAD guild

    Very funny to hear that from someone that was not sharing casty drops some time ago: http://www.eternal-l...showtopic=57254 For the current case, I think CherUT picked up the right choice. It would have been better to warn Desey earlier though in order he doesn't continue to waste arrows for nothing.
  3. Eternal Lands starts up with White background

    That's from a Presario 900 review from 2003, which also went on to say you're not going to be doing much of anything 3D-wise on it. It can only handle very fundamentally basic 3D according to the review. EL is still a 1.x OpenGL game, but it's above that. I used to play to EL with this graphics chipset some time ago and it was working pretty well so it doesn't come from that. If all is white, I'd bet it's because the client doesn't find the data folder. You should check the error logs to see what's going on. Unfortunately, I'm not a windows user so I don't know exactly where the files are located but it's probably in your documents & settings. There should be an Eternal Lands folder with a log folder in it. Someone who plays on windows could guide you better than me...
  4. 34

    I had to kill 32 cyclops for Cagdas so it's just random I guess.
  5. The laughing cow

  6. 42? More seriously, if you're looking for performance and if you are an experienced programmer, then C/C++ is the good choice and is available on the 3 platforms. However, making a code that can work on the 3 platforms is a bit tricky. If you are more interested by reducing the coding time, then prefer Java.
  7. One Ranging Perk

    That's almost 150.
  8. Treasure Finders

    You need 6 in inorganic nexus to be able to harvest it. Not everybody want to spend that much PPs in this nexus.
  9. Use of Oranges

    As an active instancer, I'd also like to see oranges sold at a higher price, that's normal. But in another hand, if the oranges have one more usage, they might become harder to gather for the global quest which is not really a good idea. Just look at what happened with grapes... So I'd say just keep it as it is.
  10. One Ranging Perk

    True for ER, it's mainly useful for instances like you said. Note that with it, you can shoot almost 150 arrows with only 100 in your inventory, which is a great help. For WH, I think you're omitting the most important part which is the 'your ranged weapons are considerably more accurate'. According to my experience, it offers much more than 5 ranging levels, it's at least 10 levels, maybe more...
  11. One Ranging Perk

    If you want to range in instances, ER is a must have because it'll lower the emu needed as well as the cost. I used to have WH perk since almost the beginning and decided to remove it to get some PPs back when I was around 55 in ranging. I then discovered that it was a HUGE help. WH is really a great perk so if you want be a dedicated ranger, I'll recommand you to take both perks.
  12. What do you want for Christmas ?

    What a bad girl... So we like big pink vibrating toy?
  13. Breaking Mirror Cape

    I've heard that if you break it while fighting a black panther under a ladder, you are doomed for the rest of your EL life!
  14. If you have hyper keys, you can make an hyperbag and come get the stuff next time you go in the instance. However, depending on what you have in your inventory, you can maybe drop 1200 emu of stuff that is worth less than 5kgc, just do a fast calculation... If I were you, I'd just drop the stuff.
  15. Pears

    @Burn: I think you're taking all of this too personally. This thread has never been intended to be against you or malameo AFAIK. Both of you have put a lot of efforts in finding pears so it's fair that you find them more than others do. However a lot of people think that it's strange that pears are found so fast. IIRC, the last time I saw you find it in less than 2 minutes, even radu said "wtf?" on channel 6. So it's normal that people are wondering how you can find them so fast. But I have to agree that it was maybe not a good idea to put this in the bug section.