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  1. It would be nice if once you reached a new mule level, your cc would update automatically and not just the next time you shift into it. I am not sure if the cc is increased and just does not show on the GUI or it stays the same both ways. And related to that, the 'i' is still missing
  2. I posted that on suggestions already, but it seems more like a bug than a feature. You reach a new level, but your stats do not update like with att/def and so on. You have to shift back and forth to get the benefit.
  3. Mule level update

    That would mean: It would be nice if once you reached a new mule level, your cc would update automatically and not just the next time you shift into it. :> Maybe i should post that on bugs, as it seems more like one of that. And this topic could stay open for things you never thought of ...mule related of course! Edit: correction of my own quote
  4. Removal/modification of rule 5

    No. As you feel free to not restrict the topic in any way and i read line one of the rule, i feel free to say no...without even wasting time for explanation.
  5. With the mini events the gc income covers the loss of a pick pretty well. So the gc-sink-argument does not count anymore (at least that's my opinion). Did i mention that picks should be open for manufacturing? The problem is, what should be used to make it.... a wood handle is a good option, though it is NPC-only too. Looking at the use for wood handles and the use for the made result, maybe being able to make/harvest a wood handle is not that a bad idea too. The saw will cover the gc sink as necessary tool (i hope). To where the experience should go..i have no idea, manu of course or maybe a split manu/eng exp., higher-low lvl item. Now the cost compared to the NPC price may be out of proportion in some way (depends on the ings and the "way to make"), but since when is that a criterion for not implementing something . The use is up to the users. Please take it into consideration
  6. Making Pickaxes...

    I see your point there. Of course there are more important things to focus on. I just do not understand why the higher cost of making the item yourself would cause any trouble at all?! It is too expensive to make? Well lets see the NPC! And that is the only point i agree on, that it might not be used as much compared to the time it may take to implement (or to buy from NPCs). But i would use it! It has been 2 years now and i think the necro was not the worst on this forum (thank you ), even a horse would agree.... But really.... you blame a suggestion like this to be a major concern about 'broken' perks? Ok... erm...legal multiplaying caused a raise in the cost of everything (nerves included). I am all against it! [/sarcasm off]
  7. Making Pickaxes...

    I still would prefer making the picks instead of running to the gen sto, even if i lose gc. And i am still pointing at the gc sink argument that might prevent that suggestion to come true...buying pickaxes from NPC is not a sink anymore...for years now. Even MN has to accept changes...and she still hates you! Yes, 3 times using 'still' still makes this post relevant. Oh, come on....4
  8. Starts at - 350k gc Increase Bid - 10k gc BIN - 600k gc Auction ends 24h from now! CLOSED!
  9. Auction Steel Greave of Ubber Defense

    PM me ingame shaolin
  10. Gem sander

    I was not sure if a necro from 2004 would be the best idea, so i chose this post. Crafting was the hardest/toughest skill for a long time, not only time consuming but also very expensive and it was supposed to stay that way. Today, it still is a skill you have to work your butt off to increase your levels (that is especially when making everything yourself and not having a gc-farting mule ). This is not about making crafting more easy or (much) more profitable. This is about a new quest ... ..and the reward! Leather, wine...gem sander?! I would love to see it become cheaper as a reward for a quest. The quest can and should be both time and gc comsuming (but please not as much as the tutorials hehe), the style like the the other 2 MM quests. I can't think of a negative effect from that, can you?
  11. Video card OpenGL version

    Had to delete my previous vote, updated the driver. Now: OpenGL Version: 4.1.10600 ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470
  12. Here we go: You harvest near a mineral (ore/mineral/quartz), and you are able to look like the mineral close to you that you harvest. That is the basic idea. 1. What you need/have to wear is a pick/glove and the cape, nothing else (no meds/armor/crowns ect). You have to sit and harvest for lets say 30secs till 1 minute to "change" into the next mineral you are close to. Once you move (in any way) you will be seen again as your normal character. You can be seen when others "try" to harvest you with the according tool or by others wearing that cape. 2.You need food/potions like shapeshifting does, you wear a tool but nothing else. The rest is like 1. When it is a cape, nexus comes to my mind. "Free pp" too, so let us make it interesting, 10 human and 10 magic/10 inorganic (a balance thing i guess). It should be hard enough to even let the guys and gals who might reached everything yet, think about it When it is potions/food...i have no idea what could fit to make the idea balanced and worth it, but others may . This is a spontaneous idea, inconsistency might be a product...that is:
  13. Gem sander

    Awww sweet, look who isn`t concerned anymore about non-fighting stuff, you seem to be so caring about harvesters http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=54047 . And those enhanced armors and weapons fall from a tree or what?! You have something constructive to say, shiny...otherwise i'd be glad to see you increase your forum post counter somewhere else.
  14. Knowledgeable Achievements

    With #know i get 228 books read so far. That should be "Knowledgeable".... but looking at eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=Stone it shows me http://s3.directupload.net/images/101211/7nvjdovk.jpg . Guildie used eye on me and got the same http://img824.imageshack.us/img824/3648/stoneq.jpg . [i noticed few times that the rank jumped from gold to silver status and back] That all is reported assuming that rank 2 is reached with 300 books read. Otherwise im sorry
  15. Server crash?

    Yep, disconnected too
  16. Auction

    Poof....as in CLOSED ------------------------------------------------------- Also selling: 2 steel greave -30k- ea steel cuisses -30k- 2 cutlass -40k- ea 3 ti serpent swords -20k each- reasoning removal stone -offer- Prices are not negotiable, but i accept ingredients.
  17. Auction

  18. Junk Sale

    I take the serpent stone (if you still have it)
  19. Bots and market channel...there is still an alliance! Besides my conspiratorial introduction, i just want to add that with #ignore_bots the amount of "people" in that channel keeps the same. Would be nice to see the bunch of actual PLAYING people in that channel(s) with #ci after the #ignore_bots command. Its not a big improvement idea, but at least you have an idea to who you are really talking to...or to how many! --I tried #ci with both #ignore_bots on/off; amount of players listed was the same. Hope i didnt miss a command--
  20. Selling some stuff

    That is: Steel Helm --> 20k or ings Bronze Helm --> 20k or ings Red Dragon Helm --> 68k or ings Bronze Armor (feet/legs/torso) --> Offer
  21. Drums of War part 4

    Thank you for the great (global) moderation/presentation during the last invasions! I mean it..
  22. Selling/Auction

    Lets start with 300k Will probably be over at the end of the week...or when im not satisfied.
  23. Dunian Industries Storage Sale

    I'd like to buy: 6 Steel Longswords 5 s2es 266 Cinnebar 5 Wolfram Ore 864 Swamp Candles 1008 Tree Mushrooms 1945 Red Roses 1579 Chrysthanthemums 446 Impatiens 78 Cactii 113 Aisiatic Lillies