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  1. Buying a bow...

    Ok I've started playing again after a looooong time away.... Now reading a few guides to save myself time I found that the best place to buy a bow is with Bower in MM... I go to visit the guy and there is no option to buy anything (just the option: Just passing by...) Well nothing anywhere says that there is anything "special" that you need to have/do to be able to buy the bows so I was just wondering what I am doing wrong? Strangely enough after searching around there isn't a mention of this anywhere else, so could it be a bug at my end? Cheers for reading
  2. Tinkerbelle

    Man you are a lucky bugger!!! I think the best I've won is something like 5 veggies after quite a few goes!! I know someone who won 2 axe books a loooooong time ago when they were worth a bit
  3. Super-massive invasion

    I only made the last cockatrices and giants in ida... But it was still fun and others seemed to enjoy big time. Great job
  4. Active Hyperbag "Treasure Hunts"

    I haven't managed to read all the posts, I can't seem to keep my concentration reading them :/ Anyway this quote I feel sums up the difference in opinions. Hyperbags were never meant to be there to act as a 'second storage'; basically though if the point of view that hyperbag jumping is as bad as bagjumping keeps up they will be nearly as safe as storages!! It seems though that people are starting to rely upon hyperbags way too much, and so they want them to become as safe as a storage. Which to be honest is why this argument happening. Think of it from a treasure hunters point of view. Looking for a bag; then you'll probably try within reach of harvestables? no? Why then don't people create hyperbags outside of the reach of harvestables? Convenience? Well life isn't so fair and easy, and so basically if you want the convenience you have to gamble it with the risk!
  5. A challange to everyone!

    do you need to create a thread and post here?
  6. Auction: Rapier of Death

    thank god I know who it is
  7. Whats the best way of leveling up in magic?

    And use portal room as much as possible from level 24, saves a lot of time too. of course, and use all the spells when needed (restoration when pking... etc) Also a good idea is when you are manu/alch... etc (making anything while sat at sto!) Wear a fr cape and cast the highest experienced 'solo' spell you can cast (by solo I mean something you cast on yourself, unlike life drain/mana drain/... etc) By doing this you can train magic while doing near everything! plus tele to range accross large maps is faster
  8. Whats the best way of leveling up in magic?

    best way (and most efficient) is shield till 21 restore till 27 life drain till 35 mana drain forever and ever but thats only if you want to train it!
  9. New client menu mock-up

    well I thought a good idea would be to have 'tabs' running up the left hand side of the screen, not necessarily as a new toolbar, but more like icons... Then when you highlight (or click) them a small menu scrolls out. The menu won't be big at all, and follows the 'see-thru' aspect. the closest thing I can relate this idea to is the start menu in windows.... but instead of the menu opening vertical, it opens horizontal and takes up much less space! I'm pretty useless graphical wise for things like this, I probably would be able to mock up a very crude version of this idea, but for looks it would look like a kids messed it up hehe.
  10. EMP weapon

    I am undecided about this.... despite that, I think that the price should be higher somewhere in the low ks, ie 1k-3k... this would stop people spamming them so much!! I also think they should be made non-stackable! EDIT: I think we will see a lot of people running in naked and casting these then running out...
  11. Favorite skill.

    magic without a doubt!! I just love it, and plus what other skill helps you move around EL faster
  12. =Hc=

    Of course you are dead, half the guild plays auteria hey up!!!! theres nothing wrong with auteria
  13. Summoning 2.0

    I agree something seriously needs to be done with summoning... at the mo there is no reason/incentive to summon without stones apart from to train the skill!! Basically from how things are going the advantages from summoning with a stone are better than summoning without a stone... so why keep natural summoning in the game? make all stones.... I don't want natural summoning taken out, but unless there are some changes what is the point in it?
  14. Did you always want to be an all arounder?

    when I first started the game I just wanted to play to have fun really and the only skills I used were the usual: a/d, alch and harv... When I started a new char I continued with them skills a bit, then focused on a/d.... once my a/d passed gargs, I thought I should train my other skills... with magic in preference!
  15. more xp in magic school

    yes you can in the right areas!!! to be honest really, I think the problem with the magic skill at the moment is more to do with the need for more spells....