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  1. Pawn scripts

    Now look what the cat dragged in... good to know you're still alive Cicero Yeah I guess I should make a post on the Pawn forums. After all I *am* part copyright holder of the current distribution I read the programming forum occasionally to see what you guys are up to. Pawn got my attention. I've been programming in Lua at work for a few weeks now
  2. Pawn scripts

    Sounds like something you should send upstream. If support for it is as bad as you say, you could save someone else on amd64 a headache
  3. [Patch] custom WAV loader

    Submitted patch 001161 on Berlios. This contains a custom WAV loader so it is no longer necessary to use ALUT (I noticed someone already removed init and exit). This means EL sound can work with old and new versions of OpenAL. I didn't test it, just made sure it compiled. I pulled it out of another one of my projects, took me about 5 mins to get it working w/ EL (would have been less, but it was originally C++). Since the sound code from that project was based on the EL sound code that I wrote, I thought it was appropriate to return the WAV loader to its ancestor. PS - Hi, anyone who remembers me.
  4. Music Fadein/Fadeout

    It's been quite a long time since I wrote that, but I'm pretty sure it already did fade out
  5. Ring of WTF?!

    I think it's a good idea. It will certainly make crafters quite rich. Similar items are extremely popular in other games. I think most of the effects should be mild, but strange (the "touch of meat" one cracked me up, but 20 mins is way too long. 2 mins is more than enough time to fill your inventory with veggie steaks). I'm pretty sure that the game doesn't support this right now, but the ring could make you look like a rat/beaver/bunny/whatever for a few minutes. Also, I think Ent would get a kick out of it being called "Chaos Ring", but "Ring of WTF" would fit in the game just fine. P.S.
  6. Oss Search Engine

    Did you see the page for the project? http://www.koders.com/info.aspx?c=ProjectI...2MCBU29MBDZ8BLH Estimated development cost of $223,860
  7. Oss Search Engine

    Yeah . . . but the search engine is written in ASP .NET, they're not using OSS for anything
  8. Optimizing The Renderer

    One of the slowest parts of the main display loop was the mouse-object intersection tests. Taking out the tests entirely gets you a nice chunk of "free" FPS. At some point, someone made a test to see if the mouse was in a bounding box around a 3d object, but no test was ever made for actors (this was about the time cal3d development was starting). You could probably get some decent performance gains by creating bounding boxes or even a bounding hierarchy for all actors and objects, and maybe try to find a faster and better method for testing the intersection than reading pixels from the back buffer (slow). Now that I finally know enough about graphics to make some good improvements, I have absolutely no free time
  9. Multiple Instances Of El

    On the other hand, if someone knew your password, they could log in as you and keep an instance running, so you could never log back in.
  10. Dice rolls

    The unpredictable actions of the other players make the random numbers pretty much true random numbers for any given player. I did run some tests in the past to attempt to find the best random number generating method, and discovered that the server was already using the best way. http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=9412 What you are looking for is actually not true random numbers, but more pseudo-random and evenly distributed numbers. The best way to get that is to actually use a dumber random number generator and give every player their own individual entropy pool. There is really no point in attempting to solve this "problem". People will always see patterns in chaos, and complain that the random numbers treated them unfairly.
  11. i need some info .

    I think it requires at least 1.2, but even that might not have all the extensions that it can use.
  12. FreeBSD

    As long as someone remembers to keep the BSD makefile up-to-date, there should be no problems. However, when I last worked on it, you needed to make sure to use gmake.
  13. C semantics question

    When you see "extern int" it does not mean "declare an int and make it available outside this file", it means "there is an int by this name declared in another file, use it instead of creating a new variable". Whenever you see an "extern" variable, it should mean that the file in question is trying to access a variable by that name that is declared in another file.
  14. Cleaning up the code

    Eh, that file is really unnecessary. I think it defines some things for you if you don't have a glext.h, which apparently Ent didn't have. I've tried to get rid of it several times. Your real GL headers are the only ones you should be using, not the SDL_opengl.h
  15. Why not perspective projection?

    I would argue that orthographic is still better for EL. EL is not seen from a person's perspective, which is what perspective projection attempts to do. If there was a first person view mode, then perspective would be appropriate. I don't think you'll be able to make it look "right" as an overhead/isometric view. Just my opinion, of course, since I'm not working on EL anymore. Just thought I'd try to chime in since I'm finally learning 3d graphics (yeah I know, bad timing )