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  1. The only concern i have is lag people all of you know probably know someone who is laggy what if 5 or 10 people go near a laggy person and did that they would lag out and get their bag or just keep annoying them while it s the same way with summoning too except summonning isnt as popular as magic

  2. can't run because of missing libxml2.dll file message when I try to use your version of EL.
    :mace: you... did install to where your normal EL install is, right? libxml2.dll should be there already...


    I get the same problem, still. (Im just trying to make a bot im not all expirienced and junk)

  3. Ok i got 2 oa's today and put them in inorganic to harvest titanium. I spent them then went to pl titanium caves. When i pulled up my stats it said i had 35/35 oa and 3/3 inorganic i talked to the_piper and he said to relog. so i did and nothing happened he then told me to post here so here i am.

  4. He is a scammer who tried to sell me a bone of death for 10k and when i offered stuff he put a normal bone in and i caught a screenie of him



    here is the link:









    sorry i cant make it bigger but it says bones not bone of death




    If you have good eyes you can see i offered 2 books and he offered normal bone because its a short name some people might not be able to see it but i can

  5. Words are cheap. I will wait for what follows your words.

    i think your right and i hope to see that (I mean vanyel is right not brian)


    You can start by helping newbs at the beam Brian. We need more help there as Spring Brake is comming up, so it's getting more hectic

    very true that would be a great start

  6. Thank you all of you for your advice and comments i have low hp cuz i reset (this is 3rd time) but i dont plan on doing it again ever. Thank you Savyl for being able to give me but btw i lost cuisses and plate not cuisses and greaves. I hope youngelf didnt take my stuff though. oh well ill just train with someone else. Again thank you all for your advice ill take it into play and ill use it.