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  1. new armor

    nice job =)
  2. Please pm me if you have my db

    Yea i know try telling youngelf that
  3. The new stones and items prices

    i thought they were 3k anyway thats not really worth it i mean how much are the enriched potions worth? to make the enriched potion does it require potioning or manufacturing?
  4. Why I did those things...

    I'll be your first friend =) I hope i dont get put on anyones PK list tho :S
  5. sabrael

    i think sabrael might have been having a bad day cuz she is in Cage im not sure she would do that
  6. Warning!

    Yea im his official FF partner we been fighting for awhile but i always bring my serp just incase btw please dont add me to your pk list because of him.
  7. Cage Guild

    FYI im in cage im the dog catcher so pm me if you want =)