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  1. Pesnja is a thief

    Pez, dont ever call my friend kidberg a noob say it to my face anywhere in pk ANYTIME.
  2. The surprise from Radu

    EL is up again
  3. The surprise from Radu

    correct, the cape is one thing but lets take guesses on the other thing which radu knows about and we dont. If editing is what you mean i didnt edit my post
  4. Is It Just Me?

    Is it just me or monsters strongerafter the update, those female orcs are slapping me way too hard and now i have to resort to gargs :S, anyone feeling the same?
  5. Is It Just Me?

    The only reason why i posted this is because without a bone i would only lose 5 hp now fighting with a bone i lose 100 + HP. its kinda weird.
  6. Pesnja is a thief

    To think he used to be my guildie, *shakes head*.
  7. Is It Just Me?

    Really? hmmm i was killing female orcs only losing 5 hp and now i have to restore 2 or more times just to stay alive :S
  8. For the "omfg branchers!11!" people

  9. Forgot password

    You can buy it from ent for 5$ if you really really want to.
  10. C2 Beam

    Ok i believe there should be a C2 beam where you can only beam to c2 if you are in c2 but you can beam to c1 if you are on c2 aswell so its like the numbers say if you are on c2 you can beam to c2 or c1 (2 diffrent beams) if your on c1 only beam to c1 (1 beam). I do not care for which map has the beam, my choice would be idaloran and i believe that this would prove to be use ful for c2
  11. Alcemy Shop

    Ill take 1500 FE too please
  12. C2 Beam

    I apologize im too lazy to look plus there tons of pages to go thru
  13. C2 Beam

    True but if the beam stays make another one for c2 wouldnt that be great?
  14. Update 1.3 Bug reports

    This is in Zirakinbar near castle entrance Getting normal size image soon
  15. Flaw in IP Map

    On IP Map directly in front of tavern a little left to door there is a crack where i can look thru and see a light blue color.
  16. New siggy

    take a choice I wont vote btw
  17. New siggy

    Did you mean it or was it an accident?
  18. New siggy

    ok ill get around to changing it
  19. Crown of Hunger

    No offence bleuren but others might consider it to be useful im not sure what you do in EL but a lot of people manu craft and alch, i myself consider it useful but if thats your opinion then im fine with it
  20. Crown of Hunger

    i like the idea because when making bars or something with high food level it gets boring waiting for fp cooldown. Heres a con though lets say theres a short book you wanna read but you have to leave (short as in over 45 minutes) So you fill up on fp veggie fruit cooked meat etc. and then leave come back and youve read the book. Or just make it for a skill like CoHfA (Crown of Hunger for Alchemy) and one for crafting so as to not exploit it.
  21. Potion of Extra Mana

    Ok so use mana restore then take a CoL put it on get 100+ exp then take it off use mana restore (no exp) then use restore with CoL, see where im getting at here?
  22. Console ergonomics

    The problem is in the Shift so making a new command with shift doesnt solve anything
  23. Mortos Race

    What will make mortos angry? and how can we avoid getting him angry?
  24. Mortos Race

    I read that but wanted to make sure the db would return to me thank you and i understand now One last thing if my stats update should i update them on my post using the edit line or should i leave it alone
  25. Mortos Race

    Hello i have a qeustion about who gets the db it says the proper owner but i want to clarify seeing im going to use a CoL the proper owner is me if i die? or is it mortos seeing its mortos race? Please pm me in game if not post here or pm in forums (reason why in game is i dont usually use forums a lot) -Spartan