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  1. Restock your inventory

    What are the rules concerning CVS clients?
  2. Quest sudjestion

    in RP terms: They've become rabid, and are running the townspeople away! You cannot engage them in melee combat or you'll become infected (just RP, idk how you'd implement it), you must shoot them down with bows and arrows!
  3. Enhanced Cloaks ~ High Level Tailors

    I would buy a high-level tailoring item Exc/MM combo cape, where the exc was downgraded to x1.5 instead of x2, It would require the first harvest of say, silver ore to be 1, the second to be 3, the third to be 4, because of the half. Or maybe a 60% chance to harvest x2 with MM perk built in? And not destructible by harv events, only by fighting, maybe a 60-70k item.
  4. Alchemic

    For the record, he is DuBro now.
  5. LION's 3rd Anniversary Celebration

    The items were all returned as requested by LION. I am clearly *very* unhappy, but I was re compensated. Apparently I jumped the gun on the contest, and I paid the price for someone else's mistake.
  6. LION's 3rd Anniversary Celebration

    this is a quote for evidence before the post is edited. EDIT: their time of edit says This post has been edited by Ozmondius: Yesterday, 08:23 PM
  7. Selling Stuff

    SELL: BoD, Binding Stone, 2 EFE, Camo Cape. name your price here or forum pm or ingame pm. ill either reject or counter-offer. I'm not asking for any rediculously unreasonably prices, I'm just opening this up to all time zone markets ;P i returned the items to LION guild per their contest
  8. LION's 3rd Anniversary Celebration

    Thank you. <3 1 bag left in fort Garisn. GL! Happy Bday LION
  9. Harvesting Effect Disappeared

    nvm, solved it. sorry.
  10. Buying MM Perk Removal Stone

    ch 3/Market: Spartan_Warrior: My mother lets the dog sleep in my bed, and makes me sleep outside in the doghouse, unless I find an MM Perk Removal. Please It's cold outside! ch 3/Market: Spartan_Warrior: We wouldn't be having this conversation if you found my gosh darn MM Perk Removal! Buying MM Perk Removal. ch 3/Market: Spartan_Warrior: Yada Yada Yada, you read these ads, for what? Get me an MM Perk Removal! <3 ch 3/Market: Spartan_Warrior: Are you tired of holding that heavy MM Perk Removal Stone? Sell it to me! <3 ch 3/Market: Spartan_Warrior: Because this is a haiku, i win: to winters cold end, bring forth golden bright summer, sell your mm stone. (<3 you PYE) That's just a few, I've been trying super duper hard. I want my MM Perk Removal Stone. Sell it to me please?
  11. Buying MM Perk Removal Stone

    Nevermind ATA sold me one <3
  12. I blocked

    Original "no solo abri el de un amigo por que dicen eso yo no tengo 8 personajes" Translation "No, I only logged in under my friend. Why do they say that? And I don't have 8 characters." In game, I suggested he apologize, "[PM from Hank84: es que lo intente con el traductor y no me entendieron :/]" He says thats what he meant in his english of first post and you didnt understand. So in the first post he was trying to apologize.
  13. I blocked

    Hello Aislinn, Hola Hankdec. I speak fluent spanish and was requested by Hankdec to translate his post. For anyone who believes I mistranslates the following here is the original: pues si estaba ayudando a un amigo ayudandole a recolectar algunos minerales y claro en una misma computadora y nos van baneando a los dos y nos salio la 5 regla en pantalla "I was helping a friend collect some minerals and of course we were on the same computer, and they banned us both because of rule 5." I think he had a friend over and Hankdec was helping his friend by harvesting minerals with him, on the same computer unfortunately =/
  14. Positive Perk Removal Stones

    As more invasion tokens are found availability shall increase, price shall decrease. Dont base the price of a removal stone on an item that has the ability to fluctuate. Overall, this is an awesome idea that I have been thinking about. There should be removal stones for all perks negative AND positive.
  15. The to-be Eternal Lands Misfits guild map,

    Leaning tower of pisa?
  16. The moon is turning red....

    Absolutely amazing The best part: I love how everyone can participate with the weak in WS, the medium in PA, and the strong in Ida. Love requesting monsters and seeing them show up. The worst part: Too short. I think Feros were a little strong for PA (Medium invasion area) Perhaps for next invasion have 3 c2 maps invaded by the 3 dragons. Bethel, Egratia, and Hurquin. Red in Bethel (desert map, red dragon). Perhaps 5 of them? Black in Egratia (warm map, black dragon) Perhaps 3 of them? Ice in IotF (ice map, ice dragon) Perhaps 2 of them?
  17. 170 Final RC, please test (Windows)

    I must confess, I was walking through DP, with max view and max reflections at 200. First person view, extended camera. I was walking to CC and saw DPA, the same suns were lights. I don't think its normal but at least we know now what it is. This doesn't mean the problem is fixed, it was flashing a red square in SRM, and disappearing at times (SRM). Perhaps someone knows a solution without turning off eye candy or light effects, etc.
  18. 170 Final RC, please test (Windows)

    No one described it as I had, the person on page 2 could have been lightning. And a flash of light? How is that specific? I read the whole thread before posting the first time. Now I'll read it again. The sun in SRM is still there game time: 0:25 If you want to test it the coordinates for the tree where I'm harvesting is: You are in South Redmoon Island [195,223]
  19. 170 Final RC, please test (Windows)

    A "Sun" issue while in the rain in SRM. Saw the sun through the rain, it flashed into a red square etc. Youll find the sun or red square in the background on the horizon. The edited image for the "sun" image didnt work, its on the horizon. Mainly the yellow sun with the red circle around it was showing, but sometimes the red square flashed in a couple times. Sometimes staying there for several seconds. I was harvesting toads at the tree close to storage. Sorry for the random dots, ignore them please. The edited image for the "sun" image didnt work, its on the horizon. Why post no comment if you have nothing to say, I'm trying to help out here and actually post bugs to make EL a better place. Unamusing for a lack of better word... EDIT: 7-10-08: I'd just like to keep gathering info, I logged in at the same spot. Its 5:50 in game. Sun is still there, havent seen much of the red square that replaces the sun sometimes, but I haven't been logged in long. 2nd 7-10-08 Post: Red Square does keep coming back. Its flashing between the sun as it did before, sun still shows more than the red square shows. 3rd 7-10-08 Post: Now its 0:00 and this sun is going blank, meaning its flashing from the sun and disappearing just as the red square flashed itself in. I was trying to identify if it was the sun, the moon, even the sky. I turned all of the following off one at a time to see if it would go away: sun, moons, stars, clouds. After that I turned off sky, and it still won't go away. Perhaps this is a map bug? 4th 7-10-08 Post: Its 3:30ish in game, I can see the sun still flashing between invisible and there. Disappearing and reappearing. I think you can see it from anywhere on the map as long as there are no buildings in the way. Im using extended view 1st person style with max distance and reflections set to 200.
  20. 170 Final RC, please test (Windows)

    I seem to be having a similar problem, I haven't tested out the sky feature, but I've been seeing these flashes of sunny daylight. Right now I'm harvesting toads in South Redmoon Island. Its gloomy weather, I think I can recreate it but it happens more when I change settings in Sky & Cam. I'll be in game for 20 more minutes, PM me if you read this fast enough. -Spartan_Warrior
  21. Excuse me for bringing back an old thread, but... Didn't Radu say this game would always be in a beta stage, always making improvements and changes to the structure? Its not about being insecure, the fact is people leave and dont tell their buddies, thus clogging their friends lists. And as kailo stole the words out of my mouth, we want to keep our active buddies but only delete some of the players that dont come on anymore. I agree completely with kailo.
  22. harvest/alch shop

    3k Energy ess please and 3k Fire ess paid in GC, if done in 5 days, 2kgc extra.
  23. 1.5.0 Map Bugs

    The error message: Umm... you can't teleport, there's no nearby open location [PM from asgnny: You can say I confirmed that it did not work, and that there was nobody blocking the other side, if you like] [PM from asgnny: The boat works fine on the way back, and there is nobody there blocking] [PM from asgnny: trip back from Imbroglio to Iscalrith.] [PM from asgnny: The boat works fine on the way back, and there is nobody there blocking] Basically the boat in Iscarlith will not take you to Imbroglio Islands, it was tested and confirmed by asgnny, the other boats work fine. Any questions? I'll check this forum for the next 3 days, after that pm me, ingame name Spartan_Warrior
  24. Astrology GUI

    So can someone conclude? I'm confused about harvest im -63 does that mean more events or less? Thanks.
  25. The surprise from Radu

    Other than the cape radu said we will have something new, lets take random guesses on what it will be =P no im serious, what do you guys think radu would do?