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  1. Idea for new potion

    Let's look at how a trade looks, you trade two things of equal value, a medallion from person a, 7500gc from person b. So both sides have just traded equal values. You now go harvest something, your harvest medallion breaks. You just destroyed 7500 gc.
  2. Idea for new potion

    this idea is endorsed by Spartan_Warrior
  3. You train for hours and hours to get to the top of your instance level, you're finally there, the strongest guy who's 1 level from overcapping. And then you realize you can't train anymore, you don't want to move up to the next instance/invasion cap, but maybe without the ability to harvest/mix you can't make gc without killing mobs, and the game isn't even fun if you can't kill anything! What will you do? So here's the solution, how can we keep people killing mobs and burning HE/SR and keep them inside their gap? Cape of No More Experience, just like NMT cape it wouldn't break, after all it's not a great thing to use it. It would not allow for any a/d experience to be added during quest completes, combat, etc. So you can still kill mobs, get magic experience, and stay within your instance/invasion level. I can't see this having any demand outside of attack and defense skills. This is an implementable idea, just needs some popularity...
  4. Cape of No More Experience

    Well let's look at how it could positively affect the game, Usl, you made some terrific points! But wearing the cape wouldn't help your OA, your attribute build, etc. And no one will *want* to farm a spawn JUST for drops, there's no incentive to do that. Grinding is for levelling, not for making gc. The way I see it for people without this cape, if you want to keep your a/d, you just don't even train, you start working up all your other skills if you have the nexus, and you wait for instances/invasions to fight. But let's look at where you were, you crossed over 120 cap right? How long will it take you to grind your way to at least atk level 140 so you can join a pr0 instance? A year? If you can grind at least couple hours a day, maybe! People would get bored of farming the same drops, and eventually the incentive to wear the cape would wear off, people who weren't training because they wanted to keep their a/d would introduce rare items to the market, and stimulate the market with buying HE/SR, instead of not training. People could lose their inhibition and not worry about some PK drops, knowing they could keep their a/d and kill some mobs for getting their gc back. Anyway, I'm just brainstorming, I want to thank everyone for all the responses!
  5. #1 Joule Stone

    can be any 40 removals, so i donate FR/Anti removal, 1 of ea and 26 trice feathers
  6. Selling Stuff

    all sold.
  7. 50k FEs auction

    BIN price or not?
  8. Was in channel 6 when I realized EL needs something that would motivate people to all logon for an incentive or a promotion in EL. And so I was thinking how could we make things more interesting in EL. And so I came up with an idea, Every few weeks, perhaps 1 to 2 months at the most, EL and their administration come up with ideas or take ideas from the community on what to do. As a reminder, every 3 hours there can be a global message reminding players of the next promotion For example: 10/10/10: Have a 10% increase of all exp in all skills for everyone, this experience boost stacks with God experience. 10/31/10: Halloween, sell Halloween Apparel from the EL Shop, anyone who buys such apparel will be entered into a raffle for a larger prize. X amount of gc, a few rostogol stones, or if you want to charge a lot for the apparel, a tzu stone. 11/25/10: Thanksgiving, Leonard looks like a rooster today, and is considerably weaker, with better drops. 12/25/10: Christmas! Anyone wearing a santa hat today gets +10% exp in all skills! 1/1/11: New Years! Find joker today for a special new years outfit, glasses, blowhorn, happy new year custom torso. etc. Easter: Place 100 Eggs about the size of a small rock throughout the entire game. Use it to find it, once you find it, it dissappears. Only 100 people will find them, and in 2 weeks they will hatch and become a rare item (whichever rare items you want, at whatever % chance) Things like this that incorporate the shop more often, or make people want to logon on a certain date.
  9. Seasonal Promotions and Incentives

    could something like this be implemented?
  10. Seasonal Promotions and Incentives

    Thank you, had some decent feedback from this idea on channel 6 but the only way it could work is if someone takes my idea and augments it, or it inspires someone with something similar. Hopefully something like this will happen
  11. Cooldown Cuisses

    I see no benefit in mixing cooldown removal items. Unless you mix with fruits, and when you do you get cd removed 3 fruits out of 100? Seems incredibly inefficient. Keep the cd cuisses in combat, only increase the % chance.
  12. SELL: Night Visor & 6 Harv Meds

    Selling 6 harv meds and 1 night visor. Make an offer on either Looking for at least 100k on night visor please, i did buy it at 110k and bot is buying at 90k
  13. Wait who hit what?

    The way I see it, fighting in multi combat maps is great, sense of teamwork, casty's for the pr0's give great drops to split up, but when watching a multi fight, or even multi fighters + archers, it's difficult to see who does what damage. Not only that but the damage indicated fades away very quickly, and you don't know who hit how much damage. I propose that a random color be selected for everyone attacking a mob, and that the damage indicator of how much damage was lost from the mob be in the same color. Maybe your character can glow yellow, have a yellow underlined name, or even have a yellow glowing weapon. Then when they hit the mob the damage dropped from the mob glows in yellow aswell, and lasts for more than less a second. I think colors should be well chosen, not necessarily random as white/black/light yellow would seem hard to read. Just a way to see if you can do more or less damage than a person next to you, or even see who's character is doing the most damage to a mob in a fight you're watching.
  14. Wait who hit what?

    radu said in chan 6 it wasn't implementable.
  15. New Day-day of no perks

    Yes but those with NMT perk, MM perk, Evan/TINF perk, harvesting capes, FR capes, PS capes, cant do anything. It affects everything, in a positive AND negative way. Because it ALSO affects cloaks/capes.
  16. New Day-day of no perks

    I think this would be a really cool idea! It would be great to get rid of antisocial for a day, but not having my NMT would mean I couldn't train. It affects almost all skills equally, in both negative/positive ways. +1 from me
  17. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    cancel all my sulfur please, and move up my 7500 wheat please? thanks
  18. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    can that be changed to 7500* wheat please? instead of 10k. Thanks again.
  19. #Stats command.

    yes, gossip tells you who is online in such guild, and gossip is never down when i use her O.o
  20. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    IGN: Spartan_Warrior Order: 20k sulfur 10k wheat Thank you
  21. #Stats command.

    /gossip members on PkG
  22. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    will removal - red snapdragons
  23. For damaged armors/weapons, have them have some holes in them or some form of damage. For damaged weapons especially, have large notches in the sword, so it's very rugged looking. Map markers on minimaps?
  24. Celebration All day- OA 100 , by Immortelle

    Cool! When does the fun begin?
  25. CA$H somewhat hypocritical

    I think guin is putting someone in their place, and that someone obviously is used to getting their way, so after (saturday>tuesday) 3 days of bitching, that person convinced some other person to "shitlist" BoC, which IMHO is a stupid action against a simple conversation. Have you NEVER been rude to ANYBODY in this game? Maybe they should "shitlist" you for being rude (SouLove).