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  1. Moon eclipse photos

    Thanks to both Radu and Roja for the amazing pics. You both have alot of talent, and I want to thank you for again sharing that with us.
  2. YAY! Summoning 100

    Congrats Blodoks........that is definitely something to be very proud of, as it has required alot of hard work to accomplish that. Congratulations again
  3. funny..

    I think it is hilarious Malaca is really a good guy, he just plays ebul in the game
  4. Thanks to....

    Thank you Kad for the kind words you said of me. I will always be there for you, as you are a good friend to me.
  5. Day Jobs

    My occupation is Quality Control supervisor at a powder coating plant. Btw powder coating is a process of applying a powder to a metal and baking it on in an oven, as oppossed to a wet paint.
  6. How old are you?

    48 here, will be 49 in July and proud of every year
  7. Harvest Medallion statistics

    Another harvester medallion gone, only lasted not quite 2 harvest cycles, and only 320 gold coin, still no blessings. Maybe I am just an unlucky person, but think not. Anyways will try again sometime while I still have a few left in storage, and hopefully can post a more positive reply to the medallion
  8. Harvest Medallion statistics

    Another one bites the dust..... that is 2 medallions for me and only about 500gc total, with no blessings on either. And of all things broke both harvesting cotton, imagine that I agree is alot of work and effort for very little return. Although I am certainly glad I put the effort into making rather than buying, when I finish with what I have on hand, won't put any further effort into this medallion, unless something more positive comes about in the game with it.
  9. Tear in Capes

    After being brought to my attention that I had a small tear in the upper left shoulder of my cape, I begin to look at the capes of others. As I was told, it seems to be only visible on female draegonis. Not that it really makes any difference in anything, but was just curious if it is a bug? Thanks for a great game
  10. Halloween art contest

    Congrats to all the winners. And thank you very much Roja for the contest. I am extremely happy that you took the time out of your busy schedule to critique and give us suggestions on our artwork. Thanks again for all your help.
  11. Summoning Stones

    I appologize now, but I don't see this as bitching, [bitching: excessive complaining!] What was said before was by players listing their concerns. If you wand a good example of bitching, refer back to branch of destruction debate. Your the game developer, you can do with this game as you wish, but we normally don't understand what you have in mind. We are Beta testers, it's up to us to play the game, look for bugs, and forward our concerns to the developers. We do this because we enjoy the game, and wish to feel that we are doing our part to make the game better. With your above statement you discourage people from sharing their concerns about game development. Edit: This post was done by Ice, sorry did not realize that was still logged in on mrs_ice account after uploading a photo for the art contest for her!
  12. Halloween art contest

    Pencil sketch I created for the contest