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  1. Update test part 3

    The price is based on the price of the ingredients. The steel stuff is an intermediary between iron and titanium, and the players will be able to make money by making/selling that armor. But maybe I will tweak the stats a little bit. Yes, but currently it is not really an intermediate, because the price is much too close to the titanium price (the intermediate between 3.5k and 40k should be about 20k, not 33k). If that's the price according to the ingredients, maybe the amount of ingredients should be lowered, too. I am fearing that the steel plate armor will go the same way as the iron shield, which would really be a shame ...
  2. Update test part 3

    About the prices: I agree with Kindar_Naar that the steel and ti prices are too close to each other. And I think it might be strange to see iron shield at 250gc, iron helm at 200gc, steel shield at 400gc, and steel helm at 18kgc? I for one find that a bit strange, this just seems out of place ... How about lowering the steel armor prices by 50%, that would still make them about 5x more expansive than iron, and slightly making steel shields more expansive? Iron shields aren't used at all because they are too cheap compared with steel...
  3. New idea for giving a/d exp

    No, I don't know you, so I have to judge you by the things you are saying. Basically I am only jealous - I would like to play for 10 hours per day, too
  4. I think too much on PK

    Just wanted to share my thoughts: Maybe you can gain money with it faster than with other skills, at a higher risk of course. But the thing which is worth the most is experience points, and the experience you gain from PKing isn't even worth to be mentioned. Experience is faster gained by PvPing, training on monsters or any other skill. The only thing which makes PKing really attractive is the thrill, the possibility of being attacked any second, where you might prevail - or get killed, and lose things. And that thrill - proofing yourself against others - will always draw people into PK areas, no matter how badly balanced it is.
  5. New idea for giving a/d exp

    Didn't anyone else think "OMG get a life" when reading this?
  6. When compiling the CVS source on one of my gentoo boxes, I get: sound.c: In function `get_loaded_buffer': sound.c:266: warning: `alutLoadWAVFile' is deprecated (declared at /usr/include/AL/alut.h:102) sound.c:269: warning: `alutUnloadWAV' is deprecated (declared at /usr/include/AL/alut.h:105) Later on, it exits stating: sound.o: In function `get_loaded_buffer': sound.c:266: undefined reference to `alutLoadWAVFile' sound.c:269: undefined reference to `alutUnloadWAV' sound.o: In function `destroy_sound': sound.c:917: undefined reference to `alutExit' collect2: ld returned 1 exit status make: *** [el.x86.linux.bin] Error 1 Since it works on another box, I checked to which packages the /usr/include/AL/* files belong, and which versions they have. On the machine where it works: equery b /usr/include/AL/alut.h [ Searching for file(s) /usr/include/AL/alut.h in *... ] media-libs/openal-20050504-r1 (/usr/include/AL/alut.h) On the machine where it does NOT work: [ Searching for file(s) /usr/include/AL/alut.h in *... ] media-libs/freealut-1.0.1 (/usr/include/AL/alut.h) Checking on the machine where it works for updates to this package: warp ~ # emerge -av freealut These are the packages that I would merge, in order: Calculating dependencies ...done! [blocks B ] ~media-libs/openal-20050504 (is blocking media-libs/freealut-1.0.1) [ebuild UD] media-libs/openal-0.0.8 [20050504-r1] +alsa -arts -debug +esd +mp3 +sdl +vorbis 0 kB [ebuild N ] media-libs/freealut-1.0.1 444 kB The old version of the openal pacakge has been deprecated, and the part which is included by the elc has been split off into the freealut package. If you check the openAL web page, you can see that freealut has been released already in february; on gentoo, this package has been marked stable on May, 26th., so this is bound to hit other gentoo users too. If there is anything I can help with, just name it, but I doubt I can be of big service in making the actual code changes. :-| Cheers, majestyk
  7. Gentoo Openal/freealut compile problems

    Thank you amd, works as expected. Sucks if you have to use the 1.2.0p1-Version if you are used to the features of the latest version. :-)
  8. Update pereliminary test

    And when visiting the Tavern in Bethel, I noticed that the NPC Gynmor lacks a portrait icon.
  9. Invisibility

    Jeez, I knew that you are powerful, but I didn't know you could read minds. I mentioned that I would love an invisibility spell maybe a week ago to a friend, and I was again ranting about too few non-fighting related spells just minutes ago! :-o I like your implementation plans for this and will surely test it on the test server.Thanks!
  10. Option for Disable Drop All

    I use the button on ocassion, and on these ocassions I have been thankful that there is such a button. Ocassion a: Muling lots of stuff for an alchemy event. You run dozens of times and just "drop all" into the bag at the mining spot. It comes down to bag trading with all pro's and cons, but it's a lot faster and more convenient, so if noone is around, why not? Ocassion b: While training at a spawn, the mate next to me dies. I sit his bag with weapon, armor and MM in, and he returns and says he can't get to his bag because he has no MM, armor and weapon, and I can't move it because I can't carry all of his stuff AND mine. Classical deadlock, which I solved by stepping of, dropping all my stuff, getting all his stuff, moving it out, dropping all in front of his feet, get in and get my stuff. Dangerous, but I didn't come up with a smarter solution for this. I once heard of a programm where you actually had to enter the string "I accept the risk" to enable a certain function. Maybe a small popup would be OK because you need the button really rarely, but I would be strongly against dropping the button completely. Well, taking the scroll event off might already set the prosperous at ease, and I can't see any reason how this could be helpful on the drop all button, so let's just wait and see what happens. Cheers, majestyk
  11. Players lenght

    I would really like to see this added directly in character creation process - a random factor giving maybe +-10% size. This would IMO really add some variety to the game, and making size changeable for $USD would still be possible ...
  12. Preliminary info about the new swords

    This sounds interesting, adding a bit more complexity to the PKing - now everyone is using a serp, in the future people might choose a weapon which suits their style/levels better. I am curious about the looks of the new swords. It adds variety to the game, which is very good, although I think that variety on lower-level items would be needed more. But thats off-topic here, I think :-)
  13. A noob's thoughts on gods...

    Hi fellow-noob, :-) IMO the XP bonus is added always, and starting the moment you solve the god quest(s). The blessing has nothing to do with the exp. Cheers, maj
  14. Server down?

    Indeed, it looks like a server crash. This time no connectivity or provider problems, since the host is still reachable ...
  15. PUNA

    A few weeks ago I was training in DP arena with a few friends. In between Puna showed up and sat himself next to the arena. We talked a little and continued to train for quite a while, maybe up to an hour. Suddenly Puna tele'd in the ring and killed me, afterwards killing another one of my friends who was trying to help me, then left the arena. I met him afterwards in DP storage and exchanged a few words and smilies. Anyway, the point is - although I wouldnt consider it perfectly honorable to disturb training sessions, I didnt have the impression he was out for some easy kills when he arrived, neither was he verbally offensive or something like that. I dont think he belongs to the common outlow scum. I have seen people behave much worse.
  16. Critical Hits?

    Hi, I am wondering about the "critical hits". How does it work? Does a critical hit bypass armor, or does it destroy some part of the equipment you wear? And what is the chance to do a critical hit? Thanks, maj