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  1. New special day, will you use it?

    This is exactly how am I doing it even now, with scholars day. So for people like me, this will make schools used more.
  2. New special day, will you use it?

    I am currently using schools only on scholar's days to make it worth it, it would be great to have another day where I can use the schools. I love them
  3. There were a couple polls in the recent past where Europeans could not participate due to the time the poll was started and the short duration of the poll. This time, the poll was open for almost two days, which is a great improvement. Even if the vote of 50 players is a good sample, it feels good to know you're not left out. I was on the brink of thanking you in the poll thread, but I didn't dare to be off-topic. Now that you mention it I feel a bit safer, so thank you for letting me participate in the last poll
  4. Depletable Resources Poll

    There is no doubt that some people left. It happens in any MMO. The problem is not retaining enough new people. Which is a problem that already persists since I am playing the game. The player structure is very centered on veterans; those that make it over the first couple of weeks/months are likely to stick here for years. In the past 2 years or so, the newbie inflow has been just about strong enough to counter the veterans who departed. I'm just wondering how the depletable resources feature is going to make this game more attractive for newbies?
  5. Gatherer Medallion

    As far as I recon this would make collecting animal parts much easier. I can already see people "farming" beavers, rabbits and rats on IP ..
  6. Mini Harv Events

    First, thanks for answering my question above. According to Richard Bartle in Designing Virtual Worlds, the so-called "newbie hose" (which depicts a constant inflow of new players) is vital to any MMORPG. EL has a very small newbie inflow - the player amount has not changed significantly for quite a while, the inflow is just strong enough to counter the leaving veterans (which are not too many, anyway, which is a good sign). While focusing on newbies is a good thing, I think it would be beneficial to this server if they would start to play here. Sooner or later they will turn into veterans too, it won't stay the newbie server forever
  7. Mini Harv Events

    OK, so inflation is not good and you're working against inflation. According to the Wikipedia (which cites various resources for this) Don't you think that limiting resource inflow will cause further inflation? Since the base ingredients are harder to obtain, their prices will probably rise, followed by the prices of all compound products. Or do you think that the prices will stay the same?
  8. Gold membership

    If you buy a gold membership for your alt(s) then that's even more bricks for Entropy, which is exactly what he wants to achieve with this suggestion (but as I said, this will not help the economy at all). If you implement both (This and Asgnny's suggestion), then this would reduce the possible bricks from gold membership for alts (but then, why would an AFK harvesting alt char need gold membership?) but still provide money inflow from other players while also helping the economy which will further increase shop sales again.
  9. Gold membership

    You'll be making more money (which is a fine thing), but I can't see how this is going to help the economy or reduce inflation? There will still be gold farming, lots of resources entering the game, resulting in inflation. How are more rostogols and rare items helping the economy? How will the economy be less affected by gold farmers? IMO, the only valid point is #3 - people pay to play and get certain advantages, and you get some regular income. That's ok and valid in itself, so there's no need to advertise it by saying it will help the economy. Asgnny's suggestion does get more to the root of the problem - it will reduce resource inflow and thereby reduce inflation. How about going for both options? Cheers, majestyk
  10. Gold membership

    Edit - found an explanation of the goldfarmer problem in asgnny's thread. I prefer asgnny's suggestion, too bad I missed the time slot for the vote again. I said that in the past, I'll say it again: please don't lock votes after not even 12 hours of time, because not every player is reading the forums 24/7!
  11. Consumers vs. Manuers?

    I still can't see the point of this thread - prices will always be what people are willing to pay for an item, if resources are abundant prices will fall, if resources are rare prices will rise (economy 101). I can't see any rift between consumers and manuers, and I can't see any problem in prices rising for goods like HE. If the price is high enough to lure people into making HEs it will fall again, and if not the price is probably just right. If there is enough gc in the game to be wasted on hoping to get a rare great sword, so be it - the price won't fall below the magical NPC price (this will prevent newbies from running around with Orc Slayers), and another hundred of them in any storage won't hurt anyone either (and will prevent the price rising). If that's the favourite money sink for some players, so be it.
  12. Dvarium

    .. and if ti chains are needed to harvest Irilium, you're in for yet another profit. I hope you have an alternative plan for your retirement pension
  13. My Thoughts on the Recent Price hikes

    That's exactly the same argument. In ancient times supply was higher because there were more players for whom it made sense to mix HEs. Those players all leveled up while not enough newbies entered the game, which increased demand and reduced supply. Advanced players can make more HEs in the same time, but are reluctant to do so because it's just tedious work with low benefit to them. Edit: made clear that I was referring to Gilrain, and thanks Cruella for chiming in
  14. My Thoughts on the Recent Price hikes

    One begins to wonder how the price for HEs could have been 6gc MAX before it became possible to harvest on C2 at all. IIRC, all silver harvesting was done in MM caves then. Nowadays this is considered ridiculous, tedious and not enough profit. Maybe silver mining exp was OK then because there were no plants harvestable for uber-exp without requiring knowledge or tools. Maybe it was because there were more newbies in the game, for whom it was good alchemy exp to mix HEs - I remember a time when I was gladly mixing my own HEs, when FEs were too easy and bars still too difficult to reasonably make. I can see why HE mixing is not thrilling when your alchemy level is 103. IMO it all boils down to this - this game needs more newbies for whom it makes sense to mix HEs.
  15. Hoarding poll

    That's a misconception: each hydro bar takes 20 iron bars and 160 steel bars (10 ores = 10 swords). A hydro nexus costs 50 hydro bars, therefore it requires 1k iron bars and 8k steel bars. A useful tool: GWaR breakdown calculator