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  1. windows-no disk

    Yes I am a blonde :$ And/or I've just been away so long I don't get anything anymore Hides in a corner far away
  2. windows-no disk

    Anyone found a solution yet? For me it's no problem; I just press cancel and EL will run, but if there's no CD in my appropriate drive it gives the message:"There is no disk in the drive please insert a disk into drive D" If *anything* is in drive D the message doesn't appear and I never had it with anything else LOL!
  3. Man (player) eating leopard

    Well, the leopard will only be on C2 so you're still always going to be safe on C1. I don't see a problem, I kinda like the maneater idea
  4. Radu on tailoring

    OMG those are the ubercool Steve Harris pantz!! I'm a gurl but I still want 'em
  5. My card can handle the absolute minimum but 1. I personally don't much like the eye candy (spell effects etc, do like the glowies) so I disabled it. 2. I'm planning on getting a new card anyway, I'm not in a hurry though, may take awhile
  6. Dragon armor, and some new weapons contest

    Algernon asked me to post for him, he found: red dragon mail at 26,204
  7. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Hermano - Is This OK? Awesome song <3
  8. What's your favorite fantasy book series?

    The Discworld series, genius And Memory, Sorrow and Thorn by Tad Williams had me totally hooked to the point where when I was about halfway through the last book i read no more then one page a day because I didn't want it to end! Of course the last ~200 pages went in one day
  9. RC4

    AMD 2200+ 1024 MB RAM GF 4200ti Windows XP Previous client ran fine, so I doubt I played 2 years with lower speed as it should be. It runs very smooth, but speed is rly too high somehow. I have the same thing, looks kind of 'slapstick' like LOL. AMD 800 512 RAM Windows XP Nvidia Gforce2-something or other, latest drivers installed ;-)
  10. What good is a p2p race?

    You know, I bought my p2p because I had been playing EL alot already. And loving it. I figured since I pay for other games that may have about 30 hours gameplay why not pay a bit for this everlasting game too? Plus Gnomes r cool.
  11. PKer Turtle

    Superunny! But obviously the turtle wasn't agressive or the cats wouldn't have their tails in one piece anymore hehehehe. Turtles bite *hard*.
  12. EL funnies

    LOL! 7.13 am, wtg! You are pr0
  13. Netherlands / Holland

    WildIce moet blijven!!!
  14. Tattoos and Piercings

    I have 4 tattoos. A lil' bat on my right shoulderblade of which I have found no piccy A dragon on my tummy A tribal on my left arm (with lil' bats coming out) and a tribal in my neck: I want to get a 'bracelet' with two rats around my right upperarm next. And yes, I had a bellybutton piercing but it went out, just grew further and further out untill I just took it out because only a very tiny bit of skin was still holding it in
  15. So, what kind of forum user are you?

    Of all the options... I just had to vote for horsies and dragons
  16. Fav. Bands

    I'll be your friend... Metal all the way !!!1~
  17. Netherlands / Holland

    Hehehe kom in Groningen wonen, dan heb je meer kans er een tegen het lijf te lopen denk ik (Maar ga maar niet in de oosterparkwijk wonen, er is wél altijd iets te doen maar elke dag 3x een politieauto zien wordt ook gewoon sleur) Als er ooit nog wél eens een EL ontmoeting afgesproken wordt wil ik er ook graag bij zijn. Maar dus niet als het in Limburg gehouden wordt Ik ga niet verder dan Utrecht.
  18. Netherlands / Holland

    Dag lieve mensen Ook maar laten zien waar ik woon dan he? Is zo superinteressant om te weten immers Oosterpááááárk
  19. Screenshots needed for the website

    PVP Screenies: The larger (better) screenshot is here. Better/larger shot: Here.
  20. Announcing the birth...

  21. Kill the post above

    Policewomen pwn teh ebul Arnie!
  22. Three word story

    and felt clean
  23. Three word story

    Yet he was
  24. Kill the post above

    That is not 'just a gilr with a small bike' that is britney spears!!!1~ And she owns Joseph McCarthy, especially with that bike
  25. Three word story

    which smells like