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  1. Coke or Pepsi?

    To be honest they both taste the same to me :/ As long as I get a drink I'm good lol. But of the two I guess Pepsi. Plain
  2. Another Beam

    Not true, for example when invasions take place people (higher levels) go to beam to heal people. Another example like I said above some people like to say meet me at beam to trade. People can get lost in c2, I know I've done it Then why have a beam for c1? Why not just have a tuturiol island like they do in some games. Or just not make IP a beam spot but just the place where newbies start. EDIT: Oh and the cemetary would be a great place. Plain
  3. Another Beam

    Well I'm sure other places would be chosen I was just giving my idea, I have not been to the cemetary yet Plain
  4. Another Beam

    Simple have one for C2? I don't see any cons to it but I'm sure someone on this forum will point them out...... Some people maybe wanna go to a location close in c2 like they do in c1 some people say "meet me at beam" well that cannot work for c2 now for the lack of a beam Maybe make the beam EV or something (I only said EV becuase I use rings there the most lol). If it were up to me I would say put a storage at the beam and make the commands "#beam me up2" or "#beam me2" just to make "beam" meetings and trades easier Ideas? Plain
  5. I Eat Ogre Toes!

    This has nothing to do with food Plain
  6. 1st Annual ~LE~ EL Seasonal Pk League

    *Sigh* Why am I still not added to the list?? Plain
  7. xxxx__Generation X Harvesting Kingdom__xxxx

    Everyone I was away for the last 3 days and I am back now. Will have all my claimed orders done today so I can do more Plain
  8. xxxx__Generation X Harvesting Kingdom__xxxx

    Sorry these 2 orders are taking so long, my computer broke down and I had to transfer and download all my old stuff to this one: jaraxle --- 2k silver (working on it), 2k coal, 2k mugwort --- 7.8k RogerDeLluria --- 2k silver (working on it), sulfur (done), blue quartz (done) --- 8.6k Plain
  9. 1st Annual ~LE~ EL Seasonal Pk League

    Ermm I still have not been added to the list......... Plain
  10. ELiD (Your Personal EL Website/Profile)

    Hehe glad you finally did it! I'll drop you a PM with stuff I want to Plain
  11. new npc and new item

    So what exactly would it be used for? Plain
  12. My Training Supplies

    300 more furs needed. : Plain
  13. xxxx__Generation X Harvesting Kingdom__xxxx

    jaraxle --- 2k of blue quartz (100% done), 2k sulfur (50% done), 2k coal (0% done) Plain
  14. My Training Supplies

    Ermmmmmmm............. I still need thread and deer furs! Plain
  15. 1st Annual ~LE~ EL Seasonal Pk League

    You have not gotten back to me and you have not added me to the list, can ya contact me? I sent a forum PM but no reply Plain