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  1. eternallands crashes when trying to start client

    Not helpful. You should know better. Sounds a bit like the client crashed or was killed for whatever reason and now you have cache corruption going on. I am absolutely unfamiliar with apple devices, but try creating a new user (also means a fresh EL environment) and see if it works again. If so, inspect your normal home dir for any cache directories, especially ones containing cached shaders, and clean them out. If all else fails, strace the client and see where it fails.
  2. Asked that ingame already but nobody knew. My toughness is currently 28 (more character info here) and while I was fighting a beaver (at a/d 80/78) without any armor or weapon equipped, it got a crit on me and dealt 8 damage. Since beavers are quite weak, do crits bypass toughness or something? How about ranged armor piercing? Toughness is currently vaguely described as "Reduces damage taken", but what is the exact effect? Neither the unofficial wiki nor the encyclopedia or participants in ch 6 could explain.
  3. What does toughness do precisely?

    Very nice, I did not know this. Do you do one more damage for every 1 att level, too? Huh. Interesting. Makes sense, though. Thanks for sharing your insight.
  4. Failed to create a thread and lost the ingredients.
  5. Confirmed by multiple people in channels 2 and 6. If you fight a female orc, you will only get attack experience, no matter how much you dodge and it is the only monster that behaves that way. As far as I can see, this affects every unarmed female orc, not just one in a specific location.
  6. cont2map10.elm.txt:251 97|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map9.elm.txt:62 78|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map9.elm.txt:134 37|0,255,0| z-fighting map2_insides.elm.txt:322 335|0,255,0| z-fighting map9f.elm.txt:54 354|0,255,0| z-fighting map9f.elm.txt:302 101|0,255,0| z-fighting map7_insides.elm.txt:27 188|0,255,0| z-fighting map11_insmsch.elm.txt:157 196|0,255,0| z-fighting map11_insmsch.elm.txt:52 90|0,255,0| z-fighting map11_insmsch.elm.txt:51 190|0,255,0| z-fighting map11_insmsch.elm.txt:72 158|0,255,0| z-fighting mine1.elm.txt:46 81|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map17.elm.txt:96 80|0,255,0| z-fighting map11_mschgar.elm.txt:65 87|0,255,0| z-fighting mine1_sub.elm.txt:55 22|0,255,0| z-fighting map5nf_insides.elm.txt:165 59|0,255,0| z-fighting map5nf_insides.elm.txt:163 14|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map15_caves.elm.txt:179 49|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map15_caves.elm.txt:172 50|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map15_caves.elm.txt:176 52|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map15_caves.elm.txt:178 52|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map15_caves.elm.txt:150 185|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map15_caves.elm.txt:69 269|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map7.elm.txt:298 127|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map5.elm.txt:72 139|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map5.elm.txt:48 20|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map5.elm.txt:168 97|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map5.elm.txt:164 254|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map5.elm.txt:291 83|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map1_mine.elm.txt:293 266|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map1.elm.txt:711 270|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map1.elm.txt:334 317|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map1.elm.txt:284 437|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map1.elm.txt:518 75|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map1.elm.txt:300 227|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map14.elm.txt:175 119|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map14.elm.txt:108 225|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map20_insides.elm.txt:253 32|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map24.elm.txt:150 77|0,255,0| z-fighting map3.elm.txt:209 323|0,255,0| z-fighting map3.elm.txt:223 354|0,255,0| z-fighting map3.elm.txt:111 334|0,255,0| z-fighting map3.elm.txt:276 285|0,255,0| z-fighting map3.elm.txt:206 295|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map13.elm.txt:95 88|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:136 204|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:145 207|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:155 245|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:280 79|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:285 77|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:319 19|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:316 28|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:180 293|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:100 112|0,255,0| z-fighting map11.elm.txt:138 127|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map23_insides.elm.txt:282 151|0,255,0| z-fighting map8_catacombs.elm.txt:29 120|0,255,0| z-fighting map13_castle.elm.txt:76 136|0,255,0| z-fighting map13_castle.elm.txt:116 33|0,255,0| z-fighting map13_castle.elm.txt:33 139|0,255,0| z-fighting map6nf.elm.txt:334 44|0,255,0| z-fighting map6nf.elm.txt:288 223|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map12.elm.txt:235 175|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map12.elm.txt:309 239|0,255,0| z-fighting cont2map12.elm.txt:282 209|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:469 447|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:209 272|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:699 178|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:141 169|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:465 686|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:130 172|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:673 154|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:391 265|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:353 415|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:159 706|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:468 380|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:473 418|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:391 657|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:661 571|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:500 502|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:103 545|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:726 437|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:472 465|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:156 126|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:303 756|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:677 541|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:148 114|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:463 678|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:401 669|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:456 717|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:76 136|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:151 133|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:89 566|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:99 501|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:670 588|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:371 622|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:379 415|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:166 133|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:318 242|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:451 436|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:233 717|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:344 528|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:239 643|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:107 117|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:498 243|0,255,0| z-fighting map2.elm.txt:120 552|0,255,0| z-fighting Collected over quite some time. It may be tricky to see them, so take care to be close and view the spot at a high angle, while moving the camera around. Most of these do not need any comment, except the one in WS city and glacmor sewers: these ones are up the wall. Have fun!
  7. Rabbit and wolf chillin in SKF

    Mobs may get stuck after the server has been up for a specific time (server bug, only fixable by radu). Mostly monsters who dont get killed often (and therefor "live" a very long time) are affected, in my experience mostly grizzlies (DP, WS Diamond Cave) and even the Badaran.
  8. Learners Proxy server's are down

    Unfortunately this happened last week already, I reported that in the post I made on sunday: But I am pretty sure this happened a bit earlier since I noticed I could not connect. This is imho a problem which needs to be solved asap because ISPs do block port 2000 (i am sure there are players who can not connect anymore due to this) and TLS for the game is important, too.
  9. TLS for both forums and server

    The setup can still be improved, especially because of http-only redirects and loading of media over http and not https. This is definitely better than before but there are still some warnings. The mixed-content one I just mentioned would be the most important one to resolve.
  10. RIP Learner. He ran this awesome TLS proxy for EL and it stopped working a short while ago. Is there any chance it will be resurrected by someone? Sharing my credentials with my network admins or ISP is not something I want. And yes, this risk is very real. This also applies to this very website. I already get a big fat warning about the connection being unencrypted and passwords will be exposed. When will this change? This is a really basic security measure that is lacking. If you have any reasons against setting up HTTPS, check out https://doesmysiteneedhttps.com/
  11. This has been annoying me greatly. Maia wants 80 puma furs and Ios wants 200 puma furs (only once, for 3.4k sum exp and 1.6k gc). As you might know, there are not many puma spawns and their respawn time is quite high at one minute. The reward is mediocre for such a grind. My suggestion: Either decrease puma fur requirements or increase the reward you get for them. For comparison: Maia gives you a good amount of summoning exp and gc for 50 white rabbit furs, which are easy to obtain because there are many spawns. They are also easy to kill. Yet pumas are considerably harder (not my worry here) and way more rare with 4 times the respawn time and you get maybe 20% of the exp and gc compared to the white rabbit fur. This makes it an awful grind. And I just spent two hours grinding pumas in NC, which gets you one fur per minute. There is a spot in WS where you can, if the stars align, get 3 furs per minute but it is super tough to keep all of the pumas there. If I could change this, I would decrease the amount maia wants to maybe 40, perhaps even less. You can compare this to the other quests, e.g 100 brown rabbit furs. Since they are pretty common, you can get the furs in around the same time. Ios has pretty a bad cost/reward balance anyways, but 200 puma furs was a nightmare that did not compare to the ordeal of gathering 200 skunk furs. Reducing the requirement for 100 would be a good start.
  12. TLS for both forums and server

    Yes, I very much am lol. I am a certified sysadmin and care a LOT about security, I even sandboxed the client with firejail and made custom netfilter rules for it. I know it is just a game but there is still a significant risk. This is not just about passwords, this is also about chat being exposed and much more. All the risks that come with a plaintext connection, as you know. This is fully transparent. There is absolutely no way to notice logging, which made this treacherous. This problem has mostly been eliminated thanks to https and other encrypted protocols. Yet this still has to be considered as a MITM can be present everywhere and you would not even notice. Defense in depth!