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  1. I never had a mass project . What about you?
  2. Minerva Ownership

    I, Garnoo, member of guild CA$H, previous member of guild AoI would like to make the following statements: -During my short period as a member of guild AoI I witnessed evilmangopie's departure from the eternal lands. Before leaving he (evilmangopie) left me and other active AoI members part of his treasure. My share looked like this: 20.000 silver ores, many insignificant items and 2,7341% share to the bot named Minerva. -Since my logs were lost during a terrible and unforgiving battle with an army of viruses which managed to gravely wound my OS and since evilmangopie's lawyer lost his client's testament I have no way to prove my claim to the bot. It is my word against anyone who dares say I'm lying. -With my last two points I made it clear that at the time when FatBoyJaxx gave XenaMT ownership of the bot I had roughly 2,73% more claims to the bot than him/her (XenaMT) and any other active player which leads me to the following statement: -I should have been the one to receive ownership of Minerva during the absence of FatBoyJaxx. -Since the mistake has already been made and cannot be undone XenaMT is a bigger share holder than I. -In any case I would like this wrong to be corrected and justice to be done! -Having posted this I demand 3 million gold coins (from the ones obtained while I should have had control of the bot) from XenaMT as compensation. The rest of the money I would like to leave to him/her out of the kindness of my heart. The gc I leave to him/her should also be enough to cover the cost of running the bot so XenaMT will have no reason to be upset after this affair is over. -As a last note I would like to say that I'm willing (again-out of the kindness of my heart) to negotiate with FatBoyJaxx and the Nano guild a price for my shares. (Attention!: This negotiation will only take place after I receive my rightful 4 million gold coins from XenaMT. I take this measure of precaution so that there is no confusion about the rights to the 4 million gold coins.) Thank you for your time!
  3. My website

    I launched my website not long ago and I thought I'd share it with you all! http://garnoo.liveset.ro/
  4. So im a "new" player

    Also, if you want to gain something from PK you will have to learn to make use of certain 'features' because it is not very often you'll find opponents in drop maps. Warning: using such 'features' will most likely turn you into a so called outlaw.
  5. New Forum skin

    Much, much, much better! Now only if the game itself and the main site got an update....
  6. Animation of dying

    I would actually like to see chars dying. Maybe add a respawn button to solve the waiting problems. This would partially solve the spectate problem as well (and to prevent any kind of abuse the dead player won't be allowed to use the chat or anything else just watch)
  7. Eternal-Lands first look

    EL just got mentioned in another mmohut article: http://mmohut.com/editorials/how-to-encour...ying-in-mmorpgs
  8. changes to the interface

    An option to configure the font colors yourself wouldn't hurt either.
  9. Yeti spawns

    Agreed, WV could use changes that would make it easier to navigate. ...and yep, the points you listed we agree on, hope they happen. I get your "problem" but to hear you all talk, the only point to EL is just to marathon "train" as easily and quickly as possible and nothing else. Might as well have no game or map decoration and just make a few boxes with tiled floors and stick a creature in it with immediate respawn time and call it good. Isn't there supposed to be SOME challenge, for lack of a better word, for getting these creatures? Isn't there supposed to be more to EL than just click and get as much experience as you can for as little time, effort, and gc as you can? I know I would seriously not like the game if every map that had a "trainable" creature on it was flat and small and enclosed and empty just so it wasn't "difficult" to blindly level up nonstop for hours|days|weeks|months|years just to be a "competitive top pker". The whole thing has turned into a ridiculous situation. Sorry to say but...welcome to the world of MMORPGs! Roleplaying: "Damn....I wish those cockatrice eggs would hatch faster because we need more food for our people. We should also cut some trees to make it easier to find their nests." Not roleplaying: "If they don't add more spawns or at least lower the respawn time I'm going to be stuck here like....forever! Not fun...."
  10. Small survey about EL and EL shop

    I'm almost 17 Romania Studying Huge history with computer games and MMOs 1. RL friends 2. Ask me in PM if you really want to know. 3. My brother is a computer programmer and he saw a few of Radu's posts on some forum. 4. Few hours a month. 5. I used to try every MMORPG that came in my way but eventually I became more picky but I still got to play 70% of the MMOs out there. (Guild Wars made the most lasting impression) 6. Everything I got from shop was with gc to $$. (lifetime p2p, about 5 or 6 colour changes and 2 name changes)
  11. Eternal-Lands first look

    Those are user given ratings. He only rates games with excellent, great, good, fair, poor.
  12. Eternal-Lands first look

    I would suggest more stylish windows with some interesting borders not just simple lines, a better equipment screen (maybe with a human body drawn in the background to make it more obvious), put the buttons in a few pop-up menus, make the minimap open by default with an option to take it away, rearrange the bars (HP/MP-big, EXP-medium, FOOD/EMU-small or not at all or closed by default with an option to open them). A separate window with all the bars in it and with an option to close would be nice too (you could make it so you see your mana above your head as you see your health). And the last thing that pops into my mind right now is that the whole interface is too squareish if you get what I mean so imo making it more roundish would result in it looking better.
  13. Eternal-Lands first look

    Seriously(and no offence): wtf? In no way is it even close to the EL interface. Maybe the color and transparent windows but that's it. If you ask me it is a real pleasure to work with an interface like Martial Empires (I believe that's the game) has. The EL interface on the other hand get's the job done but in terms of looks it's closer to this: http://www.warungdigital.com/wp-content/up...k-interface.jpg than to what Martial Empires has. Go ahead and open the Inventory. There's no way on Earth that window looks medieval and the same goes for all the other windows. Even some stylish borders with leaves or wood or whatever would make a huge difference and would look way better than those 'Windows 98 lines'.
  14. Eternal-Lands first look

    Ahh but you are leaving out the most important thing: defining success in the first place. And as we see, there are differing definitions. Well of course you have to decide if having a playerbase that gets smaller with each passing day is or isn't the way to go. I don't think that is a newbie problem, and I don't think dumbing down EL is the solution. But that is an off-topic-here kettle of fish for another day. So you are saying that those 70-80% players that don't read quests are dumb and the others are smart? I will have to disagree on this one.
  15. Eternal-Lands first look

    Ahh but you are leaving out the most important thing: defining success in the first place. And as we see, there are differing definitions. Well of course you have to decide if having a playerbase that gets smaller with each passing day is or isn't the way to go. EDIT: Technically speaking the interface is as ok as it can be BUT we all know Roja is a great designer and we also know that the interface didn't get too much attention over the years. We had the characters remodelled, the models remodelled so what's wrong with this picture? Something is missing...Oh I remember! It's the interface! Making something more appealing to the eye never hurt anyone.
  16. Eternal-Lands first look

    Really? I'd rather just take the 30% that are already appeased. It's not like we're talking about 30% of 50 people or anything, It's thousands. I think the pool is big enough as it is. Is it? Those 30% players may seem a large number but when you think about it....well... there are hundreds of mmorpgs so it is impossible to get all those 30% to play EL hence the really small community. One of the most important things you have to consider when making an mmorpg is that you don't have to force anyone to read novels. Those 70% players that don't read all the dialogues might not be the idiots you think they are. I happen to know quite a few (myself included) that tend to skip all the useless npc dialogue and just read the plain task and most of the times those are the guys that know most about game mechanics and that get to the top because they want action and let's face it: if someone wants to read a good story (s)he buys a damn book. Last time I checked people played games to be immersed into a story/to be part of it. And talking about action I agree that new players should see something more exciting. Why not put them in a newbie instance as soon as they enter the game. In that instance you can give them objectives and hand them some cool looking weapon and in the end have them fight a newbie dragon (which would look like one of the many dragons we have but with low stats) and after that drop them on IP and make up some reason to why they lost their power and cool looking weapon and cannot defeat dragons until they regain it. @Aislinn: You could fairly well desing a sleek interface that has a medieval look. Here are some examples of medieval interfaces: http://static.computergames.ro/cg/assassin...rchlight118.jpg http://img709.imageshack.us/f/screen32p.jpg/ http://seniorgamer.files.wordpress.com/200...3interface4.jpg They key of success is to be open-minded.
  17. Eternal-Lands first look

    I think he was referring to the interface not the game itself. Good (sleek/modern) interface: http://img443.imageshack.us/f/lotro1je1.jpg/ Bad (Diablo has a way better interface and it's not even made in the 2000s) interface: http://gamefilefs.paran.com/TwelveSky/Scre...34688122222.JPG You have to agree that the lotro one looks way better than the twelve sky interface. It's only a matter of design but it does make quite a difference. EDIT: Over the years EL had many graphic upgrades but the interface stayed the same. Designing a better one wouldn't be THAT hard.
  18. I beg your pardon...I didn't quite understand your post. IMO he was nitpicking and referring that you make an iron bar rather than raw ore... But I never said anything about iron ore
  19. I beg your pardon...I didn't quite understand your post.
  20. Eternal-Lands first look

    If that site would cover all the mmorpgs out there it would be the best site. That is my number 1 source for new mmorpgs and stuff related to them. I always watch his first impressions of a game before actually downloading it. You need not worry about his bashing and his jokes since he does that to EVERY mmorpg he reviews because there is no perfect mmorpg. And I assure you he only has the best intentions when criticising a game. Just read some of his reviews and you will see. And I have to agree with him on most of the facts. The game is pretty overwhelming for a newbie, a good interface works wonders in attracting and keeping players (I can vouch for that! Many games lost me because of the interface) and quests should be a little easier to find. 80% of the players are people who want to level fast without having to read pages of text so exclamation marks above the quest npcs wouldn't hurt (or at least above the npcs that give low leveled quests). But then again I only played 70% of the free mmorpgs out there so don't mind my babbling. EDIT: Don't jump on me: I was one of the people that requested the review.
  21. While preforming the mystical art of alchemy a sexy draegoni took your attention away from the process and something went terribly wrong...or terribly right: You made a wolfram bar instead of an iron one!
  22. Română

    romanian channel ;o
  23. Eternal-Lands first look

    I wanted to post this myself but you were faster Here's the text review anyway http://mmohut.com/review/eternal-lands
  24. EL Urban Legends

    There's also the more evil approach: "Break my stuff and I break your legs!". Some people claimed it works well and after trying it myself I can't deny.
  25. #Stats command.

    Gossip might not be down a lot but Gossip is wrong often.