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  1. load_gl_extensions causing CVS to not compile

    I believe this happens becuase MSVC does not support C99 extensions, so no uint_fast32_t and stdint.h is present. For my version to build I had to: 1. #define uint_fast32_t unsigned int in load_gl_extensions.h 2. remove the include to stdint.h in load_gl_extensions.c 3. added include to <windows.h> in load_gl_extensions.h Generally these actions should be done within #ifdef _MSC_VER not to cause problems for other users System: WindowsXP IDE: MS VC++ 2005 Express
  2. Success comes with failure...

    Here are my defines: ELC WINDOWS NEW_FRUSTUM BUG_FIX_3D_OBJECTS_MIN_MAX NEW_TEX ATI_9200_FIX NEW_ACTOR_ANIMATION AUTO_UPDATE OPTIONS_I18N PNG_SCREENSHOT NOTEPAD ANTI_ALIAS COUNTERS AFK_FIX CUSTOM_LOOK CUSTOM_UPDATE USE_INLINE FONTS_FIX SIMPLE_LOD ZLIB FUZZY_PATHS SFX MASKING ACTOR_ALPHA NEW_ALPHA EYE_CANDY __SSE__ NEW_LIGHTING and libs: shell32.lib libxml2.lib vorbisfile.lib user32.lib SDL_net.lib kernel32.lib glu32.lib opengl32.lib SDL.lib ALut.lib OpenAL32.lib iconv.lib Cal3d.lib libpng13.lib zdll.lib SDL_image.lib Both from release. I can click on 'enable music' and the client doesn't crash.. but don't have the music either...
  3. currently cleaning up warnings in CVS

    Hi ttlanhil, Here is the offending isalpha: filters.c, line 334. After conversion to (unsigned char) as you suggested the client loaded without assert.
  4. Success comes with failure...

    The frame drop is normal (3 FPS on IP beam for me). It's beacause you have Cal3d in debug. I think NEW_SOUND is very experimental. I don't use it.
  5. Success comes with failure...

    You should have the call stack window at the bottom right of Visual Studion when the assert hit. From there you should see the last ELC function that has been called before assert. Ok, I'm almost sure I know what is going on. I had the same problem. You need to build your Cal3d library with the same settings as your client. Moreover, you need to have two libraries: one debug and one release. You need to link a debug version of library to debug client and release version of library to release client At least that's what I remember from my fights with building EL client As I remember it had something to do with heaps from different runtimes, the client using a debug and library using a release, but I never fully understood it. ED: Oh, and you should get the same problems with vorbis I think
  6. Success comes with failure...

    I didn't get the vector error and just logged in into test server with debug build. Try doing a 'clean' on the whole solution and deleting any intermediate files, the rebulding. Maybe it will help
  7. Success comes with failure...

    Great find. That's exaclty what has been happening. I build the current DEBUG version and also got an assertion. The assertion was in function isalpha in filter.c I think the problem is that there have been recent changes to the types. The types were UInt8 before and are char now. UInt8 was unsigned and seems that char is signed by default in VC. The /J switch got the job done, but I don't know if this change didn't affect anything more. I think you should post this problem into this thread
  8. Success comes with failure...

    I think that with Visual C++ 2005 the way that C/C++ runtimes (msvcr80d.dll, msvcp80d.dll <- debug runtime) are handled changed to more .NET like and you just can't put them into the folder. They need to be versioned and loaded via system wrapper (at leat that is what I understand). The dll you mentioned were always needed, but they are system ones so you should have them properly installed when doing the installation of Visual C++ 2005. There are projects setting that allow you to see call stack / variables regardless of _DEBUG define. That's how I've been able to 'debug' a release build. If you are interested I could send you my .sln/.vcproj files so that you can see how they differ from yours.
  9. Windows texture loading

    I'm on Windows and textures load for me without a problem... BUT: When I look at the library dependencies, the SDL_image I have requires libpng12, while for PNG_SCREENSHOT I have libpng13 linked in. Luckly I have libpng12 available on one of 'PATH's so the client still loads. I also have zlib available for ZLIB support. Maybe it's the same case with you? Try copying libpng12 and zlib dlls to client directory as see what happens
  10. Special effects

    Thanks. Please remember that this is only for MSVC. I don't build with gcc (DevC++).
  11. Special effects

    Hi Karen, Could you please patch the current codes for MSVC: Index: eye_candy/eye_candy.h =================================================================== RCS file: /cvsroot/elc/elc/eye_candy/eye_candy.h,v retrieving revision 1.22 diff -u -r1.22 eye_candy.h --- eye_candy/eye_candy.h 5 Apr 2007 15:26:46 -0000 1.22 +++ eye_candy/eye_candy.h 5 Apr 2007 15:55:48 -0000 @@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ #if defined(_WIN32) || defined(_WIN64) #include <windows.h> + #include <float.h> #else #include <sys/time.h> #include <time.h> @@ -76,6 +77,8 @@ #ifdef _MSC_VER #define copysign _copysign + #define isnan _isnan + #define isinf !_finite inline float fmax(const float a, const float b) { return ((a < b) ? b : a); }; inline float round(const float a) { return (a - floor(a) < 0.5f ? floor(a) : ceil(a)); }; inline float remainderf(const float a, const float b) { return (a - (float)round(a / b) * b); };
  12. Special effects

    You don't have to explain this to me. I perfectly understand what your are saying... Just please explain this to my compiler for it, there is no such thing as a number.. there is only a type
  13. Special effects

    Ok, Here are the last warnings: e:\cpp\elc\eye_candy\math_cache.h(104) : warning C4201: nonstandard extension used : nameless struct/union e:\cpp\elc\eye_candy\math_cache.h(221) : warning C4127: conditional expression is constant e:\cpp\elc\eye_candy\math_cache.h(234) : warning C4127: conditional expression is constant e:\cpp\elc\eye_candy\math_cache.h(247) : warning C4127: conditional expression is constant e:\cpp\elc\eye_candy\math_cache.h(260) : warning C4127: conditional expression is constant e:\cpp\elc\eye_candy\math_cache.h(273) : warning C4127: conditional expression is constant e:\cpp\elc\eye_candy\math_cache.h(286) : warning C4127: conditional expression is constant e:\cpp\elc\eye_candy\math_cache.h(299) : warning C4127: conditional expression is constante:\cpp\elc\eye_candy_wrapper.cpp(922) : warning C4800: 'int' : forcing value to bool 'true' or 'false' (performance warning) PS. As I remember 1.0 is not converted to double - it is double. If you want a float, you put a literal of 1.0f.
  14. Special effects

    Just a few more left. Here is the log. You mentioned in the other thread that after the release you would like ot run with -Werror to clean all the warning. Do you plan to correct MSVC warnings as well (becuase as I saw the latest changes, right now you just disabled them with #pragma)?
  15. Special effects

    I posted my log here Have fun