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  1. Update 1.3 Bug reports

    Giant (supposed to be team killed?) spawn in "throne room" is in a single combat map.
  2. About arenas

    Nordcarn arena doesn't display a warning until you're inside already (a little late for some).
  3. an idea from reading radu's blog

    other way is for the monster to change. always be X levels above max player, or X levels above the players attacking it at that time (which can be explained if it's a megical critter). how is it killed then? easy, it has a bad case of It Can't Dance. a big enough team can take it down Maybe if monsters lost 5 def per attacker rather than 10 def for >1 attackers. Then the bigger the team the better everyone can hit it. The more people attacking, the more shots it has to dodge therefore the less chance of dodging each one.
  4. fifa world cup

    So good you can't score against 10 men for an hour \o/ btw Ronaldo should've been booked instead of Rooney sent off (he was sent off for the shove after Ronaldo came over card begging wasn't he?).
  5. Random days...

    Is it my imagination or are there a lot more bad days than good? Recently i remember peace day, labour day, no drops (neutral day at best), decreased rare manu and now day of feasting. I can't remember what the last good one was. This could of course just be me noticing the bad more than the good
  6. The invasion

    I see myself in both those crowds. I didn't get to fight any grizzly bears in the first one or any fluffies in the second Bad luck i guess, they just spawned around me and attacked other people. The only things i got to kill were some fem orcs in TG then a couple of mountain chims when it got to SKF. To sum up, it could've been better but still thanks to the mods for taking their time to entertain us.
  7. Honorable pking

    You're supposed to PK in PK maps, you're warned before you enter those maps so therefore no PK action is outlawish? Lorck seems to have missed: from his summary/explanation. Take your personal attacks elsewhere thank you.
  8. Honorable pking

    But now you're saying that nothing you do in PK is outlawish? You stated above that the following was outlawish: Which i agree with. I also agree with:
  9. Honorable pking

    Are you being serious? What's dishonourable about going to a PK map and fighting someone who wants to and is capable of fighting you? What's dishonourable about PKing scammers/bagjumpers? Of course it's kill or be killed but the honour comes from who, when and why you choose to kill.
  10. The gym!

    You mean like quests where you maybe work as a team to achieve some goal while fighting/leveling skills in the process? From your original post I thought you meant just swapping items/gc for a/d exp. I like the idea of working towards something else while leveling skills.
  11. Can the 5/10 second time where a person can't be attacked on entering a PK map decrease by 1 second each time someone enters within the same minute. So if someone has a 10 second safe time and they enter/exit 5 times they only have a 5 second safety window, 5 more times and they're PKable instantly. When a new minute starts the waiting time returns to normal. I don't know if i'm alone in this but i find it quite annoying when people constantly signhop in and out of KF (perhaps staying long enough to hoover up any bags they may see). Every time someone enters i have to look up to check an enemy (perhaps with bone of death) looking to put an abrupt end to my training/sitting around.
  12. Ejderha (Baiter)

    Even if the rest of his family are doctors too they have more time combined than most people
  13. MikeJones50

    Of course there was no mirror cloak or serp sword in the DB.
  14. Ye Olde Alchemist Shop

    2k HEs please
  15. MikeJones50

    because he didn't do anything illegal (nice sig btw).
  16. Selling Crown of Mana

    80kgc I'll trade for these items: Up to 10k Health Essence at 7gc each Up to 4 Rostogol Stones at 13k gc Up to 100 Padded Leather Armour at 60gc each EDIT: sold
  17. Selling Crown of Mana

  18. HNR (Guardians of Honor)

    I think that means they will only attack allies in order to train with them.
  19. Varius and ISTiach Bagjumpers!

    Not true, it may just be a bit of code but it takes time to get them and time is the best currency.
  20. Selling Animal Stuff

    Animal 2000 raw meat (12k gc) 100 bear furs (1k gc)
  21. Selling Animal Stuff

    new stuff
  22. Pookies

    He left to resupply or he just left it because the monster ran away? EDIT: well either way "then i'll make your training miserable" is not the proper way to respond.
  23. New Rosto Usage

    I agree about just saving two items, i've always thought it a bit silly that people can carry around a big bag of weapons and switch between them constantly. I also agree with increasing the find rate and not always losing the stone since people will still be dropping items it wouldn't hurt if they became a bit cheaper. Good idea
  24. ejderha

    By telling someone that a bot won't attack on peace day? By telling someone that clicking on the entrance to a PK map does something other than enter a PK map. Even if the person you're telling should know better you are still misleading/scamming them. Please note i refer to ejderha as you even though certain actions may be those of your brother/cat/dog/half sisters tame mountain lion. I do so because when you give them access to your account you accept the consequences of everything they do and I will treat everyone who uses the char as the scammer.