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  1. If you had 84 pp to spend in pc what should you do

    i voted for 4/4 (88 vit)
  2. DIE! guild

    looks like karma was finally implemented good luck DIE!
  3. Total War - PkG

    To this end all other PK guilds should agree terms (no PKing anyone in storage/mines, anyone without a weapon equiped or anyone training) then declare total war on each other.
  4. Vote on what more spawns you need

    But if you are fluffy level the orcs/armed orcs/trolls/ogres you kill at no cost between fluffy respawns can make your training profitable. Those spawns do have some value just not really for the players who want to train on them.
  5. Vote on what more spawns you need

    Maybe if cycs were made less devastating to train on the situation at ogre and fluffy spawns would be improved. I voted DCs so more people can move up from fluffies.
  6. For the "omfg branchers!11!" people

    I think by platform he meant the decreases in percentage needed for the next level that happen at levels 40 and 90.
  7. For the "omfg branchers!11!" people

    Wouldn't it be better if people didn't fear to lose their items? Then they would PK a lot more and far more items would decay naturally. Most forum posts about no drops day include one or two thermal serps breaking. At the moment PK is all loss (essences, potions, rostogols). This cape, while being great for stopping the BroD losses, is another thing to add to the list of "normal" losses during PK. I realise we're probably too far down the road to make these changes but what i would suggest is: 1) Remove the BroD (bear with me, reasons and alternatives to follow) 2) Make the serp stone act as a semi-rostogol which protects only your equiped items 3) Stop monsters dropping any finished items 4) Change the recipes for the new items to include more serp stone type ingredients (monster drops only) If every day in KF were even a quarter of what it's like on no drops day the amount of items lost through natural decay would increase dramatically, 1) and 2) should go a long way towards making this a reality. 3) is purely to help the market: fighters get drops for "free" during the training they'd be doing anyway so they can always undercut a manuer who has alchemists and harvesters to pay. 4) is to give fighters some alternative income to the finished items while giving you a second method of keeping rare items rare, a rare monster drop to complement the difficulty of obtaining wolf/hydro products rather than compete with it. @Entropy: do you have numbers for the amount of new items (titanium cuisses, wolfram bars, etc) entering the game from monsters compared to the number exiting via BroD? I would be interested to see them (i'm a confirmed statistics junkie).
  8. For the "omfg branchers!11!" people

    Would it be possible to have the cloak increase the chance of BroD/BoD breaking when used against it?
  9. Guild IRON=Bagjumpers

    search this forum for kidberg or deuce and then judge who is dishonourable.
  10. Branch

    lol "THREATS" i broke youre tit armour and i would have broke more if u stuck around...:> haha and im still laughing there wexy..what do you have to laugh about?.......oh i know DIE is a joke in itself haha thats why all youre members wanna join PKG PKG NEW RULES..MUST HAVE A BRANCH OF DESTRUCTION AND PROOF THAT YOURE BROKE SOMEONES SHIT TO JOIN ..PM ME WITH CHATLOG OF PROOF OF BROD LANDING HITS TY TY.. NO MORE AUTOGRAPHS PLX PLX TY TY Someone must've been really mean to you at school to make you want to be such a jerk to people you're never going to meet. Personally i'm fed up with the trend for people buying in with dollars then breaking the things everyone else worked hard for so i'll be taking a break from EL for a while.
  11. Fully mana restoration potion.

    When training summoning i could have the CoM refilled from SRs by the time i got from the summoning arena to raven, restocked and back the the arena. It saved me a lot of time and was well worth the 90k. In PK it allows you to deploy more chims in a shorter amount of time or you can summon a few chims then swap CoM for CoL and help them fight. I think potions should restore a fixed amount of health/mana since a fixed amount of ingreds go into them and they aren't magic.
  12. Thermal Serps 200K

    because when you use one you get noone to fight EDIT: on topic i agree with hardcore to some extent, thermal serp isn't quite as useless as an iron sword but it's no longer the "ultimate weapon" it was so naturally the demand (and therefore the price) drops.
  13. Just an idea:

    empty now anyway lol -_- used the 600 he's and 180 sr's but really, we need more fluff spawns... more and more ppl are getting into the stats to train on fluffies :/ The number of fluffy spawns isn't the problem as much as DCs/cycs being bad for training is. It's better to serp fluffies than box cycs and better to keep low p/c on fluffs than train DCs making the fluffy "window" very large.
  14. Selling stuff

    Potions 30 Potion of Accuracy (55gc each) 150 Invisibility Potion (120gc each) 50 Potion of Evasion (55gc each) 250 Potion of True Sight (65gc each) Clothes 3 Body Piercing Cloak (2kgc each) 1 Monster Magnetism Cloak (6kgc) 50 Fur Pants (3.5kgc) Other 7 Wooden Staff (200gc each) 2000 Raw Meat (6gc each) 190 Polished Sapphire (15gc each) 30 Silver Ring (70gc each)
  15. Selling stuff

    Yep, PM me when you're in game.
  16. Today's "Little" Invasion

    I didn't like it very much, all i could find were weak things or yetis ... the start was promising with some FCs and fluffies but those were quickly followed by yetis in single combat. From the comments above it looks like the monsters were there i was just looking in the wrong places (didn't think to check in the caves when NC got invaded.)
  17. Selling stuff

    all changed
  18. branch of distruction

    No way, then i'd have noone to fight. We need bad guys to be able to be bad guys else we're all bored in PK and have no reason to train a/d. EDIT: oh and since new weapons came out i've only seen one person use either BoD, when they do i just leave PK, let ruin their own fun.
  19. Weapons strategy ?

    Because depending on who you're fighting the +15 accuracy may give you more than twice as many successful hits.
  20. a half sucessful scam

    A well thought out and reasoned argument, i'm glad you didn't just resort to name calling
  21. YES.. IRON is PKING now!

    hush. You're only proving their point.
  22. bagjumped by Crazyffrey

    karma ?
  23. another perk idea

    Yer, i don't like this idea because it doesn't take into account the low level player often deserves what he gets.
  24. DarkDante