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  1. Selling stuff

    water essence added
  2. Selling stuff

  3. What did you find in New Version?

    there appears to be a bee hive in a tree outside PL tit mine, shows harvest icon but doesn't do anything
  4. What did you find in New Version?

    any idea the lvls of those? my estimates based on hitting them a couple of times: fem orc > armed skel > armed fem gobs, spider around wolf/gobs phantom seems to be a bit lower stats than a fem orc but with a/d reversed
  5. What did you find in New Version?

    armed skels, phantom something and large spider in PL titanium mine. the spiders drop thread.
  6. Chatting with memebers of *CO*

    Just don't sell to them? I certainly wouldn't do trade with anyone who PKed me while training. Also imho PK is fine, PVP is fine, it's just the people who cross the line between PVP and PK who i would consider stopping trade with.
  7. Cheap Summoning Service

    The difficulty and expense involved gaining summoning levels is exactly why you might want to get someone else to do it for you. Getting to summoning 45 will cost you hundreds of thousands of gc, even once you get there it'll cost you 20k worth of ELEs to do anything decent in KF, it's not exactly a profitable skill to persue. If you have no real interest in summoning but wish to turn your spare meat/bones/furs into some defence exp it's far easier to get someone else to summon for you than it is to train your summoning level high enough to summon creatures at your level to train on. 1) nexus 2) books 3) lots of money getting your summoning to a level high enough to train well on
  8. Cheap Summoning Service

    The exp gained from summoning is far less than the exp you can get from training on the summons. Train on the right animal and you can get 4x as much defence exp as you can summoning exp. Getting someone else to summon for you allows you to turn your spare animal parts into defence exp without investing in animal nexus or reading books. EDIT: to geneams: a better idea might be for you to supply the LE and SRs so you are doing something for your exp
  9. #storage

    would it be possible to do #storage by category aswell as by name, say for instance: #storage book The above would return anything with book in its name which misses some books (i.e. Titanium Long Construction) #storage $books The above or something similar could return all the items in the books category of storage, or: #storage $weapons To get a list of all your weapons
  10. JusT war on *CO*

    yay! good luck JusT
  11. I may be a little late with this but here are some of my thoughts anyway I would like the creation of these magic weapons to be a crafting skill for three reasons: 1. crafting uses magic nexus. 2. there are no high level craftable items. 3. it would be nice to have more craftable items that aren't monster dropped. Something like embedding combinations of polished gems/essences into the hilt of a regular sword. The higher level the sword the more magic it can hold and therefore the more powerful the effect.