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  1. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    Hello, I've not done much testing on these mixing rare things, tho will share some of it. I've marked few times while mixing enriches, I get enrich essences on fixed type of random numbers. Like if i get 1 EME while mixing magic essences of first 1.8k, i'll get another at 3.6k magic essences. It surely looks surprising as well as untruth. But I've marked this thing many times and got success. If I get rare in first 2k-5k essences I keeps on mixing or I just delay for later on. Still I really do not know how this Random Number Generator (RNG) works. Also, I could not judge if artificer perk or cape working or not, as it surely helped me getting enriches time to time, using my above policy of mixing. (Also for note, I mix with skeptic perk - with or without arti perk - depends on char) Thanks & Regards