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    Going UPHILL STILL after 40 without a trace of male-pattern baldness!
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    To INFINTY, ...and Betond!
  1. Selling Life Essies in Bulk

    ...and how do you trade them? The two of you go skipping off to...say, the Tropics or another isolated place ...and drop a bunch of bags? Unless higher levels or Phys and Coord have storage beyond my estimation, this sort of transaction would have to be done in pieces, yes?
  2. Avatar dissparates!

    I load my avatar from web storage and it displays fine...when i log off and back on again, it is gone! It is a homemade Animated GIF, but if it is too big or cannot be loaded, why does it show at all? I have another homemade AGIF in my siggy and all is copacetic there; any ideas? If this is the wrong forums, apologies! I will try another online storage site as well. EDIT: Moved it to imageshack and it is there, this time. I will monitor and see if it sticks! EDIT #2: PLEASE CLOSE
  3. Beam me up, Entropy....

    Let me start with apologies for being even more nit-picky over things, but whenever there is a chance for group education, I leap like a frog as OXEN cannot leap! Wikipedia says this in the section on Hide and Seek: WIKIPEDIA wins!<...just don't use in as a source on papers!> Maybe we can type "Calgon, take me away!" <I realize I am really showing advancing age by referencing old television commercials, but you get what you pay for>
  4. log on failure

    I posted a SS request, but re-read your and you had fixed it...nvm
  5. To the hesitaters (of cooldown and other features)

    Words from RUSH - CIRCUMSTANCES came immediately to mind... Words by neil peart, music by geddy lee and alex lifeson No flaming please for my Old School music references because "B-B-B-Baby, you ain't seen nothin' yet!"

    RIPWAY has been bery, bery good to me! <to be read in the voice of Garret Morris of SNL fame as Chico Esquala altho the actual quote is "Baseball has been bery, bery good to me!"> There is a 30-day frequency timer which can be hard to keep up with... I keep an Imageshack account open too in the event either is down for maintenance to avoid the dreaded red x window 8-<