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  1. I wasn't a rich player, i planned my armor breaking and my weapon breaking quest as well, now i'm done with all of them except the ice dragon set and the black dragon pants. If you were oh so interested at finishing the quest, you could figure out ways to do it instead of suggesting a change that would entirely replace one of the game systems.

  2. It's probably not bugged by the slightest... FYI, some players have already experimented with which cross attributes could effect the break rates and how it works (read el-forum). The people that might be effected can/could chose to finish the quest before proceeding with their builds. This is easy to do today, given alts are allowed and people are willing to use many of them.

    The quest in question only gives some marginal benefits compared to the gear you're wearing, so why would it be your good idea to completely remake the breaking system in place?

  3. Barny, the rare bonus happened many times. The reason steel boots used to be marginally cheaper than npc price is that people like Cherut/Rabbitman/Bankay etc... used to mix 20-50 at a time and sell the 'regular' steel boots to make up for the rares/gc used.


    Susje is wrong again, mixing millions of leather helms was the way of levelling manu as long as that existed, i know Tornado/Aquarden used to do that too, and they are as old school as it gets. :) Well, maybe not in school, but selling it to trik, which is even slower :P

  4. It's a bad idea


    Items that cost less than the ings for mixing them are for the most part items that require a lot of rare stones/bars to mix them, i.e. steel, titanium, bronze armor. These are considered "basic armor", that is required to enter an invance ( as per rule 2b this is true for all but the lowest level invance iirc ).


    These armors offer a rare bonus for those that mix them: the rare counterpart of said armor, which is usually worth 300k-1M gcs. If you would turned a profit for every mix, the incentive to try for the rare counterparts would rise. Given the aggressive advertising and pricing some players use, and the way they control the market this would just lead to even more profit for them.


    Given the trends, the prices on these items would skyrocket, making it harder to buy a decent set of armor/col/weapons. That would leave the less loaded people with even less gc, which i suspect would reduce in-game rostogol-gc trades, decreasing the number of rostos lost.

  5. Hi!


    I haven't been to this invasion, but i have been in some of your past invasions. I really like the way you make them, not cramming all tiles on the map, allowing a little room to move gives everyone a chance to survive. I think the challenge was well adjusted, you could die, but even some of the stronger people from the lower caps could contribute to the team clearing it. I will probably try out more of your invasions if i catch them, ty for making them!

  6. I've got another good idea: make 50% of Zamirah's mixes be a critical failure, that'll enhance gameplay :D


    On a more serious note, you haven't even got the facts straight: Leonard's day: 'Leonard is very happy today, so he is considerably stronger, and stays awake the whole day.'


    The explanation of why Solar flares day 'lasts only 3 hours' is in it's name and description as well...


    And maybe, just maybe, there is nothing wrong with the current day rates/special day drops/special days, but it's just the same selfish people complaining about their dailies. I find it fascinating, that peace day, that only happens once in a blue moon, gives rise to so much whining from these people, yet they have no objection to the more frequent portal invasions which usually last way more than 6 hours and prevent the doing of dailies just as well.

  7. I think having a message for them would just lead to them being farmed even harder. People already use their alt armies to get them. Also, the reason for the message in the case of pears and treasures is the items you use to find them. With a message, <insert generic high level player that only kills mobs here> could find/farm the grapes and get all of them by looking at the difference between #days passed, and grapes found. Having a bit of secrecy with grape drops gives more chance to the non-farmers in this case i believe.

  8. How about a group daily thing? you could take it daily, and the items/amounts of the items would be adjusted for a smaller group (3-5 people), in a way that allows semi-newbies, with levels in the 20s and the 30s, and lower nexuses, to start doing the easier ones in their groups, based on their levels in the skill in question. At the end, they all get some reward. I think that could be a good incentive for more teamplay.

  9. Rostogol stone shop sales were happening when rostos were cheaper, 50-70k, too. As for the pricing, it's not only Susje doing that, but several other people have been using the same tactic on their bots. Those that are bothered by it can simply avoid these players' bots, but as they still get traffic, i doubt that it's a substantial part of the playerbase. In addition, people could use whitelisted bots, or at least try, if they were really determined to drive those players out of business. But that hasn't happened over the years.

  10. "These days almost all Esses are Money think Steel and iron Bars are money sink almost all are because gc comes in for fighters so easy, and the mixers are left out"


    That is sadly true. Most everything but fighting is a money sink in the game.


    "Could you propose a gold sink to replace the looms? At the moment they are essential for tailoring and NPC only, so a good gold sink"


    It's not a good sink for the very rich. The very rich just buy tailoring big books, and later on, white fabric (and/or dyes) directly from the npc. The only people that mix dyes, and white fabric are those that make 200-2000x less gc than fighters.

  11. "The whole advantage for a harvester alt is exactly those 4PP that can go into phys or coord, adding emu,

    instead of putting them in human nexus. 4 PP are not really a problem at low OA, but reaching 60-70 OA?

    A truly new player would probably also want to try out different skills, like fighting. How long would the helm

    last in a fight? So the advantage of using rholam or whatever after reset is rather short-lived for a new player.

    Less so for someone who can have dedicated chars that only harvest and mix."



    A player who has not been around too long has basically 2 options to gather coins: harvest and sell, harvest, mix it up and sell and buy from EL shop. While the latter is good for the game, not everyone has enough cash to just survive on that in EL. For harvesting, you need physique and coordination, the more the merrier. Getting 88 pickpoints to max those is not easy though. And it goes slower the lower your levels are, as dailies are the things that make reset really fast for the veterans. (and skill schools, which are laregely only practical to high levels as well) Having the extra health and the mana can be a big boon to a harvester, so they are able to have more health and mana and get back to full emu a bit faster. If someone only fights, the first thing they do is take 7 human nexus anyway. If they are newbies, they will get 3-4, depending how/what they train. (I'd say they'd want steel shield and titani um short at least) I agree that this can be an exploit, then again it's up for Radu to decide.

  12. You know, I didn't mean new player as in someone who started that day, or week, but let's say who has been playing up to a month. Having a holam really helps with harvesting. Yes, it takes a lot of time for newbies to get the 50k (now 70k?) to buy their holam, but it's worth it just to eliminate the annoyance of having to get back to storage before you fill your inventory. It's even more useful since chances are you are going to reset at least once if you are a truly new player. (you know, once you get the hang of the game or get advice on spending pickpoints from others, or perhaps to get rid of excavator perk once you bought your own cloak)

  13. well i do not think anyone with a harvesting alt abuses this issue. When you are rich enough to get alt(s) started up, you are rich enough to get it past the cheaper quests, and have it do at least the haidir/daritha dailies. that will get your harvesting alt quickly up to a level where it has enough emu and human nexus. When you only level one character though, from scratch, it's pretty hard. Having that holam on not to have to go to storage every 5 minutes because you need to heal up is a huge help imo. I never considered this an exploit before, i figured the nexus is for the act of equipping an item. I have had my holam stuck on me when i started for like a half day, before i needed to take it off to do the daily quests.