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  1. awesome Germans !

    was ist hier los? :> ah, nix... *wieder hinleg*
  2. there is some kind of el'ish law that says: the bigger the ego and greater the words, the poorer is the mind behind and the faster they will be forgotten
  3. More realism - rotting items

    i like the idea would be impossible to introduce it during the beta stage of the game, but a good thing to start with in the final release
  4. Your favorite addition or change in EL...

    dunno, prolly the new storage interface :>
  5. awesome Germans !

    Leb wohl Jefric. Schade das du gehst - aber ich versteh es vollkommen, vielleicht sieht man sich ja mal wieder... bis dahin hau rein und lass dich nicht unterkriegen
  6. Player made quests via a network of bots

    this goes to far offtopic but php is a toy for kids, nothing more btw. there is a (maybe little outdated) el-package written by franc carter @cpan
  7. Player made quests via a network of bots

    most of the ppl who don't like it, have never even tried to understand it's ways :>
  8. Gold membership

    i personally dislike this idea, it feels very wrong to me... best would be to make the hole game a paid one, so at least everyone has the same chances! Additionally i think the game needs a total reset, so many things changed over times that gave only a few ppl a big advantage over the newer players. Why not give it a restart?
  9. #sto should not make you stop harvesting

    AFAIR this is because of a limitation of the protocol (mainly packetsize was to large so it had to be splited i think), it came with the upgrade of the storage size some time ago. So its more like a Feature than a bug
  10. Best Linux Distro?

    there is no real choice, vmware is most advanced solution. and running a windows OS as host system is simply perverse.
  11. awesome Germans !

  12. How easy to kill with 100 a/d cap

    you should take some text processing lessons in your new free time
  13. awesome Germans !

    das muß ja nix schlechtes sein *g* jor, einträchtiges rumgammeln wie immer, also muß es gut sein ^^
  14. awesome Germans !

    nur für erma... <3 #! /usr/bin/perl # usage: ./parser.pl data.txt > data.csv $i = 666; # important;D @D=<>;$i++;*_=sub{$i+=$_[0]}; *__=sub{$D{_w($_[0])}->{$i}=_w($_[1])}; *_s=sub{local$_;@c=split(',',$_[0]);foreach(@c){@p=split(':',$_);__($_[1].$p[0],$p[1])};$_[1]?_(1):_(0);}; *_w=sub{local$_=shift;s;(^\s+);;s;s;(\s+$);;s;return $_}; foreach (@D){ s;^\[(.+)\]\sG\D+(.*)$;sub{__('g time',$_[1])\;__('r time',$_[0])}->($1,$2);sieg; s;^\[(.+)\]\s(M.*)$;sub{__('a time',$_[0])\;_s($_[1],$_[2])}->($1,$2);seg; s;^\[(.+)\]\s(A\w+):(\sM.*)$;sub{__('a time',$_[0])\;_s($_[1],$_[2])}->($1,$3,$2);seg; } foreach $l(sort keys %D){ print $l.","; foreach(sort keys %{$D{$l}}){ print $D{$l}->{$_}.','; } print "\n"; } ## for xmldump install xml::dumper (perl -MCPAN -e'install XML::Dumper') # use XML::Dumper; # $dump = new XML::Dumper; # $dump->pl2xml( \%D, 'dump.xml' );
  15. Emote codes for the client

    !breakdance means stand still then? or do you mean !!breakdance? ;p