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Character "Wilian" locked

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I was playing EL when I was young, probably more than 15 years ago, on the character named "Wilian". I remember getting banned and I think that it was because I was using several accounts for harvesting, I did not even know it was forbidden. At this time I was only 8 years old and I did not speak english at all, I think all I could say was "I buy iron helmet" lol. Today I am 25yo and would love to be able to play again on this character on which I spent at least 1 or 2 years. I remember being so sad when I got banned that I stopped playing the game ahah.


Hope someone can help me,




(also sorry for the bad english, it is not my mother language)

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7 minutes ago, Aislinn said:

Hi Wilian.

I unlocked Wilian but keep in mind you won't get any of the alts unlocked.

Thanks! I sent you a private message.

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