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New Guild Map or Guild Map Changes? Now is the time!

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I know at least one person is working on guild map...


If you are working on a guild map, or wish to make changes to a current guild map (particularly the .elm.gz file since it is part of the client), now is the time to consider doing this, in order for it to be ready in time for the 1.9.6 client release.


Make sure you have a current copy of the map editor (or build one from the github current source code yourself). Bluap provides a current Windows build HERE.



For minor issues or assisting, I may be able to help, particularly when it comes to the def file. You are welcome to send your changed elm/def files to me* (at flamesworld@gmail.com ) if you have specific questions or need certain things checked.

That's mostly limited to def file work though. I won't do any major work for you, but I can assist with anything giving trouble in the def file before you send it to radu with payment. This minor assistance won't cost anything.

I may be willing to do more in-depth def file work (is your current one a mess and you'd like it cleaned up and every entry working the way it is supposed to?), for bones and/or gc. Time permitting. E-mail me with a copy of your def file and what you're wanting done. I do NOT have time to build or rebuild a map.



You must e-mail me a current copy of your guild's def file for any assistance or work. I do not know who owns what map, so providing this will be proof that you have the right to change it. You'll still have to pass through radu when making payment for the actual in-game change as well, to ensure you have the right.


If you no longer have a copy of your def file (your elm file is in the client) but you need or want changes, I can provide it. However, you will have to contact radu first. Tell him what you're needing, and that you need him to confirm to me you have the right to the def file as the map owner so I can send it to yor. Let me know once he's done that and once I confirm it with him, I'll send you the file. I cannot send this file without radu's confirmation of ownership, for any reason.


Has the owner of the map long since disappeared and you want to take it over for the guild? See the above response. Radu must approve first, I cannot do that.


*Note: If you're concerned about me having access to your guild map, as the only currently active map developer I already have access to every current guild map's def file and how to enter it. Part of being on the map editing team is being able to keep such information secret.

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