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New client update available 1.9.5.p3

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I have release a stable update of the client with several minor bug fixes and some minor additions.  The version string is now 1.9.5p3.

Minor new features:

  • Forum #61102: Added option to disable the items list, find list feature so key presses always go to the chat/command window.
  • Forum #61101: Added hud indicator for I Glow In The Dark perk status (right-click to turn off).
  • Add background on/off option to user menus main window. Reduce vertical padding of user menus main window.
  • Forum #61082: Added the mini-map destination cross to the configurable colours.
  • Forum #61139: Added ALT+t to toggle option for targeting close-clicked creatures.


  • Forum #61059: Inventory window shifted at log in.
  • Issue #54: Mixed item filter prevents printing of item info to chat window. Modified to only block You successfully created messages.
  • Restore particle regressions from way back since eye candy added.
  • Issue #56: ctrl-right click on tab map to delete mark, deletes server marks too. #unmark deletes server marks too.
  • Fix display of knowledge list for odd numbers of books.
  • Forum #61108: Fix the length of knowledge bar missed during the ui scaling changes. Thanks to Nogrod for reporting the bug.
  • Improve scrollbar alignment, with consistency at different scale value.
  • Fixes for issues exposed for client and map editor by new gcc compiler.


You can get the new client using these links:

Windows executable
Windows installer
Linux 32-bit executable
Linux 64 bit executable
Linux installer

If you are using the Linux packages for Ubuntu or Debian, or the Snap or Flatpak Linux packages, you sould already have the new version.  Refresh/update as normal otherwise.  You will also be able to get Sir Odie's builds next time he updates.

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