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Selling day stones and other items

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I was planning to do a week of celebration with the day stones I had collected, but will no longer play and thus the event is cancelled. 

I am selling the following day stones and will add some other items later. Make an offer here or send a mercator message. I will not sell to the highest bidder if I don't like the offer. This is not an auction. If you need something particular, send me a message and I might have it and be willing to sell. Do not expect a quick response, busy IRL.

2 Day of Alfred Nobel Stone
1 Day of Robin Tell Stone
3 Day of Magic Stone
1 Day of Schools Stone

2 Day of Non Stop Stone
2 Joules Stone
2 Day of Reconstruction
3 Day of Stakhanov Stone
2 Day of Faster respawns Stone
1 Day of Tailoring

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