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I'm a great fan of this little applet, but it doesn't work with Ubuntu 17.10 running Gnome. It's about time for Ubuntu 18.04 to come out ( I will do a fresh install) and I was wondering which variant(s) of Ubuntu I could install where this applet works. Does anyone have any ideas?

-- Zoot

PS: A variant that also displays the Dropbox top panel indicator correctly too would be nice

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Hi, I didn't know anyone was still using this other than me.  I used it on Ubuntu 17.10 and now on 18.04.  It runs OK but the time information from TrinityBot is mostly unavailable.  I have a version working with holy's time source which I need to finish and then update the packages.  I use the Ubuntu appindicators gnome extension to place the icon on the top bar.  I don't use Dropbox so can't really help with that.

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OK. I think the reason the EL Time Applet wouldn't work with Gnome before was that I had not got Gnome extensions set up as I did not know about them. I only found out about them a couple of months ago by which time I had given up on the EL Timer. I installed Ubu 18.04 and set up the Gnome extensions. I now have both the EL Time and Dropbox indicators working.

Looking forward to the new EL Time applet telling me the correct time. No rush   :)


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