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revi booted me

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Hey, i wanna ask something. in a few days i called revi cause i have some problems with a player who is insulting me in PM. the only thing what revi said :" its private chat. i dont give a fuck" nice mod.


today i see him walking nearby and i was writing fu. what does fu means? he havent got a idea. so he muted me for 30 minutes. for what reason?


then i send a pm to him. hahaha was the pm.


now he booted me.


cya o/

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Yes, I saw it all and the pm's. We all know what "fu" means. And maybe you want to include the entire chat log including what started it in @3. You left out a bit. (Also, he didn't spell out the f word, he used f***.) Maybe also you want to include your past history of trouble. It isn't like this is your first problem out of the blue.

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