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A Irsis creation myth

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For a Wedding Ceremony between 2 K&M guildies i wrote this small Creation Myth i thought it might be good to share them in the forum. (not checked for any writing and grammar errors if you find them feel free to repost story with them fixed.)


For the sermon here i want to tell a short tale of 2 people, Larimone and Thasendel.
Thasendel worked as a woodsman in a wood close to the ocean, while Larimone was a mage on an island.
Her work was to experiment with magic to connect strings that where not seen before.
They both where also lovers, and in the evenings after the hard work larimone concentrated on the life energy of Thasendel and teleported her to himself,
interwinding their life force with each time binding their life forces closer together.
He had build her a nice house and their life was comfortable in the evenings and nights after the work. but soledum and lonly during the days when they where appart.

One day larimone while experimenting with an spell, lost her concentration and the ocean welled up all around her,
the magic exploded and vanished from that island. till today nobody can perform any magic on that piece of land.
That explosion even as it could not be heard teared Thasendel in 2 parts. as the life of him and his love where interwinded.
so interwinded that it was all that hold Larimone apart from stepping from this world into the other magic offered.
But both got stuck at the place they where at the time.
Hearing the distrubance and the bound that hold those 2 people together Alluwen was drawn to the place of agony.
and seeing those 2 lovers struggeling together she did what she only could do. she blessed the couple,
using the connection build of love and trust that had build between that couple, and created a tunnel,
so Larimone could travel to Thasendel. but the connection and the strain there had power that still needed to be contained,
and contained it was by the wavering of alluwen. it went into the creation of the firstborn child of that pair.
the child was the creation of pure love and got the name Irsis. Irsis contained so much love from her parents,
that people who saw her wanted to live close to her and enjoy the better world that her love for everyone presented
as she did not know different.
Then what her parents gave her. Her parents grew old together, Thasendel continued his hard labour work in the woods that eventual carried his name.
and Larimone cared so much about her child Irsis. that in the time that came her name went to the ocean that comes up to what is now the great city of Irsis.
The city that great love and trust has born.

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