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Looking for: Someone with Blender plugin Scripting (Python) experience

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Particularly: needing someone aware of the changes to the Blender plugin system and may be able to rewrite some old (2.49-era) python import/export plugins for Blender into versions that will work in a modern Blender version (2.7).


It's not enough just to "know Python", as I'm sure there's more than a few here who do, but to be familiar with the specifics of Blender's plugin system and how those need to be set up as that's where the biggest issues are.




This is for EL, of course.


While it's not absolutely necessary, it would be nice if we could get some old import/export Blender plugins for EL working on a current Blender build, as old Blender builds are getting more difficult to install.

And unfortunately the original creator of the plugins is long gone.


For now it's working, but getting these plugins to work in modern Blender would help "future-proof" them.





PM me if you think you know enough about Blender and its current plugin system to give this a try.

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