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It allows supporters to donate monthly w/o using PayPal.


Most of those producing product give special art, etc but you could do that with store credit or something else.


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Perhaps the rest of the terms of use should have been read as well:

- anyone putting material on patreon grants them a basically unrestricted license to use that material

(and that's a lot more rights than they need to promote Patreon and your content).

- they can close any account, and remove any content(?), at their discretion (i.e. they don't have to give

a reason why they closed your account, and they keep the right to use what you put on the service);

- you can't sue them in court, and any lawsuit would have to be in California, USA.


And indeed, Patreon collects TVA and a 5% fee, over the tax-free amount, so for every dollar

you pledge there, you will be billed ~1.20$? (that's not saying Entropy gets 1$, he probably has to pay as well, *

at least processing costs and 5% to patreon of "processed pledges").

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