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Redeemer does not ask for confirmation for powerups

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I wanted to investigate today how much manufacturing powerups are and went to Redeemer. Instead of info, I ended up with a powerup. Since this powerup does not require any item, there is no way to prevent getting it if you fulfill the conditions.

Please make it so that Redeemer FIRST tells you the cost, and then asks if you want it, comparable to wraith and other NPCs that provide perks.

Meanwhile I still dont know how much Luxin misions and Daritha Missions it uses.


It would also be nice if the #ach command listed the number of Luxin missions as well.

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I would really like to see Luxin counter as part of #ach output as well.


Having him ask before giving you the powerup would be nice as well. I often click to take a harv powerup then click again thinking I'll get another harv powerup but of course I wind up taking a manu powerup instead. At least i end up saving the ings on an FE crit fail or something low like that :)


According to the update note http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=59937each manu powerup subtracts 2 Daritha and 2 Luxin dailies from the respective counter. What can catch people out is that you need a minimum of 5 (I could be off on that qty) on your counters to be eligible.


The next time i grab two or more of those powerups I will try and remember to check those quantities are still correct.

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had the same problem as maxine i was just enquiring about the manu power up and given it without wanting it, but i've never done any Luxin missions

this was several months ago

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