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EL Lagging on Mint 17.1

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Hey. :)

I was wondering if someone has any idea why EL would lag on Mint when it does not lag on Windows on the same PC and when nothing else on the Linux installation seems to be having a problem with the graphic card (an old Radeon).

I've tried using the windows version through Wine and (for the hell of it) I tried the (Mint) Test Server also - the result is always the same.


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I have noticed the lagged in Playonlinux - wine - with 1.94

I have used wine as syncing the linux ver and the windows version problematic..


EL 1.93 ran very well using wine...actually better than windows... not so with 1.94..

Havent tried 1.94 linux.. Having problems setting data directory... I use PCLinuxOS..


EL 1.94 says data directory invalid... although I changed el.ini... no problems with 1.93...

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Check your graphics drivers. On Linux Mint you are probably using the open source driver, there is a proprietary driver but it is not well supported. You can check which you are using from the "software & updates" tool, additional drivers tab (assuming you are using a Ubuntu Mint version). You can change the driver from there too. Be warned though, on my laptop running Ubuntu 15.10 dev release the latest AMD proprietary driver does not work.

There should be no performance difference between 1.93 and 1.9.4. IMHO, using wine on Linux for EL is the worst of all solutions. The released Linux binary should run fine though it was build for wide compatibility. However, it is relatively easy to build your own version from source too. Using purpose built packages for you system, (Suse, Ununtu/Mint, Debian packages are available) or building your own release version on your machine will give the best solution.

There is definitely no difference between 1.93 and 1.9.4 in the way the client handles the data_dir path. Check you are checking the correct el.ini file, its the one in $HOME/.elc/main assuming you are using the default from the servers list.

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Well, if it's a driver issue then I'm $#%$#%#...

Drivers were probably the first thing I checked. The system is running the open source ones and I soon read somewhere there would be no way of getting the proprietary ones to work. Old card, old drivers, new X.org (or whatever), seems to be the problem. Even "hacks" that still worked in 2010 no longer do (I think because the LTS ubuntu at the time was only supported until 2011).


I had been hoping the prob might be something else. :cry:



Anyway, thanks.

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