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Increase dmg on pre-owned Ti Axe

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Hello. Looking at wiki history, it appears the ti axe was originally 10-35 dmg, dropping to 5-30 when degraded, which is a pretty fair drop-off. It's been increased a couple times though, and a regular Ti Axe now does 25-40 dmg, but the degraded is still at 5-30, which isn't even as good as a steel axe.. Not sure if this was deliberate or just an oversight when the regular one got bumped, but it seems like this is a much bigger drop-off on degrade than most weapons (especially given Ti Axe is in the same price range as some great swords, which don't have any drop at all on degrade).


Since original dropoff was 5 dmg on the range, perhaps new damage should be 20-35?




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