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Talon and WGT guild character sharing issue

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Talon (or whoever you may be at time of reading this) - Yes, I realise char sharing is legal, Im not saying its illegal. Im just saying no-one can be sure who is behind the Talon (or any other WGT) character anymore as you have admitted the sharing happens, therefore shouldn't be trusted. Thats a simple fact whether you like it or not and there is nothing you can say that is going to change it. If people do want to trust you, or any other known char sharers, then that is up to each of them as individuals but they then lose the right to complain if things go tits up for them.


This thread is really just about warning people that the person they think they may be speaking to/dealing with may not be the same person they actually trust


Cokphay, Ive already said that doubtless it goes on elsewhere so I agree with you there

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